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Lit Up (AUS)

Olivia Laing and Dealing With The Pain of The World

Civilisation's survival depends on people refusing to see the problems around them. Olivia Laing's agitation about the political events of 2017 led her to keep a diary that became the basis for her novel Crudo. In it she becomes a hybrid of herself and late author Kathy Acker as topics that were relevant in the 80s crop up again in the modern day like Nazism, body-autonomy and hyper-violence. Olivia discusses with host Angela Ledgerwood her difficulty in reconciling the fact that the pain of others can co-exist alongside the minor pleasures you take from life.
00:55:36 2/13/2019

Past Episodes

Getting rid of distractions and daily choices like what to eat and what to wear helped R.O. Kwon focus on her debut novel, The Incendiaries. This novel took her 10 years to write and she shares with Angela Ledgerwood how changes in her personal life, her stance on religion and her obsession with cults all found it's way into the final evolution of the novel.
00:52:47 2/6/2019
Journalist Rebecca Traister writes about women in politics, media, and entertainment from a feminist perspective. Rebecca catches up with host Angela Ledgerwood to speak about her book 'Good and Mad' and how women's rage is portrayed negatively even though it is often the catalyst for big social change and movements.
01:15:56 1/30/2019
When did you first see yourself in the character of a book? Glory Edim speaks to host Angela Ledgerwood about her book Well-Read Black Girl and the importance of being represented in literature. Glory started her Instagram and Brooklyn-based book club, Well-Read Black Girl, to celebrate the uniqueness of Black literature and sisterhood. Now, having established a literature festival of the same name, her goal is to the expand the definition of what it means to be 'well-read' and to showcase the universality of Black women through literature.
01:05:19 1/23/2019
*Explicit language warning* Controversial American author James Frey doesn't care if he enrages you or breaks your heart, as long as his writing makes you feel something. James speaks to host Angela Ledgerwood about using his book, Katerina, to examine his past and what could have been.
01:02:35 1/16/2019
Design affects our health and happiness whether it be in our home, work or our natural surroundings. Designer an author of Joyful - The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness, Ingrid Fetell Lee, speaks to host Angela Ledgerwood about how to inject joy into your everyday surroundings.
00:52:15 1/9/2019
The solitary life of a writer. Actor Parker Posey chats to host Angela Ledgerwood about how her dog, Gracie, got her through the tough times when she was writing her memoir, 'You're on an Airplane,' and the similarities between researching an acting role and writing.
00:57:30 1/2/2019
The loneliness of motherhood is the theme explored by Aussie author and journalist Meg Mason in her novel You Be Mother. Meg chats to friend and Lit Up host Angela Ledgerwood about how she uses the characters in her books to examine complicated family dynamics and the struggles she experienced when becoming a mother in her early 20s.
00:49:58 12/26/2018
Comic books, graphic novels, films and audio theatre...English author Neil Gaiman has done it all! Gaiman discusses his novel, American Gods, with Lit Up host Angela Ledgerwood. As well as, what Norse Gods taught him about modern humanity and some handy tips for designing your own religion.
00:45:17 12/19/2018
British journalist and author Caitlin Moran chats to host Angela Ledgerwood about her book 'How to be Famous.' Caitlin calls on men to break down gender boundaries and to start their own equivalent of feminism and suggests how women can take back the power when it comes to sexual shame.
00:54:58 12/11/2018
Stephanie Dandler and Angie sit down to discuss her novel "Sweetbitter."
00:52:42 7/22/2018

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