Life Reboot

It's time to live your best life! Need the tools to help you build it? Learn to empower yourself and live life to the fullest by letting Lindsay Rielly, Leah Messer, and Brian Scott help you learn to reboot your life.


Life Reboot

Addie Intervenes While Leah and Lindsay Spill Major Tea

Lindsay, Leah, and Brian are sipping, and spilling, some tea as they take listener questions! Learn some motivating AND personal details from their lives. Maybe they'll be reading YOUR question.
00:32:55 5/15/2019

Past Episodes

Leah and Kail join the show from their vacation in Costa Rica! Hear the gang talk about how to actively live your best life, from taking vacations to recharge to knowing what choices help lead to happiness.
00:32:22 5/8/2019
Why do we avoid conflict? So often we run away from our problems instead of addressing them and handling them in a healthy way. If we have them head on they will make us stronger, rather than making us more afraid.
00:32:56 5/1/2019
Why is it so important for us to empower ourselves with a daily mantra? We get out of alignment when we lose touch of our purpose and that can set us off course. But reminding ourselves of that purpose through a daily reminder can help get us back into alignment. Plus, listener questions!
00:32:41 4/24/2019
Never settle! Why is it so important that we don't sell ourselves short or settle for less than we're worth. When we choose to get to know and love ourselves, settling won't even be an option. And if we only allow what is good for us, what is good for us will continue!
00:24:43 4/10/2019
How do you keep up with your standards? It's one thing to set them but another thing to keep your word to yourself. So many people fall under the pressure of social media, TV, and advertisements so it's important
00:30:04 4/3/2019
How do you deal with a busy schedule or a stressful life? Meditation helps Leah get centered and helps Lindsay's son take a nap! Remember, what you dwell in is where you live. Where you choose to dwell is where your home is.
00:30:21 3/27/2019
Jason Jordan is in studio with Leah, Lindsay, and Brian to talk about focus. Plus, how he and Leah stay happy in their relationship and what they look for in a partner.
00:44:18 3/20/2019
Relationship expert Rob Mack joins Lindsay, Leah, and Brian to help break down what makes us, and keeps us, happy in our relationships!
00:55:42 3/13/2019
Leah, Lindsay, and Brian are talking about the difficulties of friends or family who hurt you and seek to serve themselves at the detriment of us. Learn how to deal with these people and how to move past them!
00:24:29 3/6/2019
Leah's back in LA to hang with Lindsay and Brian as they break down why we shouldn't hide our emotions and avoid certain topics and to express ourselves and be vulnerable.
00:30:55 2/27/2019

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