Ladies Like Us with Nazanin and Nadia

Are you looking for a relatable, unapologetic view on life? The Ladies Like Us podcast lets Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham provide you with a modern-day women's perspective on the universal issues we face each and every day.


Ladies Like Us with Nazanin and Nadia

Is There Such a Thing as Soulmates? with Miguel

Only the most important man in Naz's life (nbd) Miguel joins the show to help us answer the question; is there such a thing as soulmates? Miguel and Nazanin give you an intimate look at the history of their relationship including their wedding shenanigans. Plus, see how much to Naz and Miguel REALLY know about each other as they play the Newlywed Game!

Since the airing of this episode, Marriah Merlyn Valdez has unfortunately passed. Our condolences go out to her loved ones.

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01:12:15 8/20/2019

Past Episodes

Sexologist & author of 'The Game of Desire' Shan Boodram is in studio to help people better understand and explore their sexuality, play a little game of 'Would you rather' and answer your sex & intimacy questions! 

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01:07:35 8/13/2019
Nazanin's celebrity fitness trainer Torri Shack shares her stories of coming out to her homophobic parents, battling through depression, and her journey to mental wellness which inspired her to create her non-profit, Tangible Movement.
01:15:22 8/6/2019
It wouldn't be a good week without a crazy cat story from Naz before they get into Highs and Blows. Then, actress Wendy Raquel Robinson joins to talk about finding her passion and purpose in creating her non-profit program Amazing Grace Conservatory, the keys to longevity in the industry, and her new show "Grand Hotel." A very special thanks to our sponsor, True Car! Tell your car stories and visit for more information.
01:00:37 7/30/2019
Naz and Nadia are sharing their secret dreams and fears of failure with you. You are not alone in feeling challenged as you fight for your dreams, but it's important to remember a few of these very important tips that'll help you get there. Plus, hear about some of the wild and weird odd jobs they worked in the past!
01:14:24 7/23/2019
TV personality Jeannie Mai joins the Ladies this week to help answer a VERY important question...are you the man in the relationship? Learn ways to balance roles in a relationship and how to better communication. Plus, Highs and Blows of the week and Ladies Like You questions!
01:07:04 7/16/2019
Introducing the Ladies Like Us! Naz and Nadia are sharing their highs and blows of their weeks, what's going right and what's going wrong. Then, get their individual takes on how long is too long to wait for a ring and what they both learned from their relationships. Plus, they're taking questions from ladies like you!
01:05:11 7/9/2019
Coming soon!
00:01:00 6/13/2019

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