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Jubal's Phone Taps

Past Episodes

00:04:37 4/17/2019
As a fair and honest school administrator, Jubal needs to do the "right thing", and tell a parent that their toddler just doesn't have what it takes to graduate from his preschool class... Jubal demands the BEST from his little learners. Hear the father's reaction in the PHONE TAP! (Image Courtesy: U.S. Army. Creative Commons)
00:05:16 4/12/2019
Jubal is just a pizza delivery guy that believes in true love... but the dude on the phone is a jealous d-bag. Which is why it was so easy to PHONE TAP him! (Image Courtesy: fraazanjum. Creative Commons)
00:03:49 4/11/2019
Having trouble getting your dog to breed??? Jubal knows how to get your pup in the MOOD! His techniques are a bit unconventional, but they work 98% of the time! Listen to Jubal help this guy with HIS DOG in the PHONE TAP. (Image Courtesy: v1ctory_1s_m1ne. Creative Commons)
00:03:54 4/10/2019
When there's a noise complaint in an apartment complex... Jubal is the PERFECT MAN to deal with it. Listen as he deals with a woman who was very upset about her neighbor's loud music in the PHONE TAP! (Image Courtesy: B Rosen. Creative Commons)
00:04:48 4/8/2019

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