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Jubal's Phone Taps

Past Episodes

How do you tell your downstairs neighbor that you can hear EVERYTHING that's happening in their room.... And when Jubal says "everything" he means EVERYTHING. And that's not the worst part! Listen to the PHONE TAP. (Image Courtesy: basheem. Creative Commons)
00:04:13 6/11/2019
In today's Phone Tap, Jubal calls a delivery driver to deliver a message... several customers are SERIOUSLY UPSET with him! They have been complaining constantly for one reason only, but the driver doesn't seem to understand the reasoning. Listen to the podcast below to find out why!
00:04:24 6/10/2019
Jubal's the new landlord in town! He's not sure what the last guy was doing but there's going to be some MAJOR changes in the way his property is managed. Listen to the PHONE TAP.
00:04:21 6/7/2019
Jubal calls a guy that is enjoying living in the MODERN AGE (maybe too much)... In fact, he eats mostly from a delivery app and NEVER cooks or even goes out to eat... Jubal thinks it's about time someone said something about it.
00:04:13 6/6/2019
The last thing a mom wants to hear is that a man wants to use her 17 year old daughter as a surrogate! Jubal MAY have finally crossed the line in today's PHONE TAP. (Image Courtesy: nettsu. Creative Commons)
00:04:02 6/5/2019
Today, Jubal calls a guy and tells him that no longer welcome at the gym he goes to everyday... Why? Well witness caught him doing something in the shower... and it's NOT what you think! Actually, it's probably worse... Listen to the PHONE TAP. (Image Courtesy: chauromano. Creative Commons)
00:05:03 6/4/2019
Today, Jubal phone taps a woman who has her laptop in the shop getting fixed... it's just running so slow lately. But Jubal thinks he knows the reason WHY. He found a SECRET FILE on her computer with some "interesting" stuff inside. She probably won't like what she's about to hear.
00:05:23 5/31/2019
Jubal calls a woman to let her know that her car could POSSIBLY be in the shop for a few more days than expected.... and it's all because of a little "incident" that happened overnight. A little mishap... involving a bear. Hopefully, she takes the news with grace and understanding. (Image Courtesy: Nomadic Lass. Creative Commons)
00:05:05 5/30/2019
The guy on the phone gets SO ANGRY and Jubal can't figure out why?... Is it because Jubal tells him that his raffle tickets are no longer eligible for the free trip to Hawaii? Or MAYBE it's because Jubal went ahead and took the trip himself? I guess we'll figure it out when we hear the PHONE TAP. (Image Courtesy: Paul Bica. Creative Commons)
00:05:22 5/29/2019

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