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Greater Cincinnati wakes up every day with Jeff and Jenn on Q102, Cincinnati's hit music station. Don't miss out as Jeff and Jenn play songs that will get you ready to take on the day, talk with listeners and share their thoughts on life and love, news and community events. Check out the podcast for the highlights of today's show!


Second Date Update: Remind me again who is this? 4-28-17

Second Date Update: Remind me again who this is?

09:40 4/28/2017

Past Episodes

Jenn had an ER visit last night, Best Friend Game.
14:34 4/28/2017
E News: Kim Kardashian talks to Ellen about her Paris robbery, John Mayer and Dave Chappelle are doing two shows together, Jeff and Tim got some really cool surprises from a listener.
10:17 4/28/2017
MY KY: Shout out to Andy and Jordan Dalton, Who did the Bengals pick in the NFL draft?, Fake or For Real.
09:40 4/27/2017
E News: "The Bachelor's" Chris Soules did call 911 and the latest on his hit-and-run, President Trump has a red button in his office that's used for Coke, Johnny Depp is $40 million in debt, Fake or For Real.
11:19 4/27/2017
Second Date Update: Why you shouldn't go dancing on a first date.
12:05 4/27/2017
News That Didn't Make the News: You can eat anything you want if you just walk 22 minutes a day, There's a brand new Twinkie coming soon, Jeff and Jenn have a great would you rather question, You get three free pints of Ben and Jerry's when you work there and a gym membership.
12:32 4/27/2017
Jeff and Jenn play a round of Would You Rather?
13:23 4/27/2017
E News: Joan Rivers used to burn toilet seats to get rid of germs, Erin Moran's brother wants to beat up Scott Baio, Sexual harassment training it happening now for everyone at Fox news, Fake or For Real.
10:45 4/26/2017
What's Hot with Fritsch? The cicadas are BACK, Best Friend Game.
10:45 4/26/2017

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