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Greater Cincinnati wakes up every day with Jeff and Jenn on Q102, Cincinnati's hit music station. Don't miss out as Jeff and Jenn play songs that will get you ready to take on the day, talk with listeners and share their thoughts on life and love, news and community events. Check out the podcast for the highlights of today's show!


Second Date Update: Chatty Kathy

Jenn said "WOW SHE'S A TALKER!!" You can be the judge on that.
00:00:00 3/15/2018

Past Episodes

Let's go see Star Wars together :)
00:00:00 3/14/2018
Sorry for the glitching... Second Date Update: You look too good to date. 3-14-18
00:00:00 3/13/2018
News That Didn't Make the News: How much is March Madness really costing your company?, Are you filling out a bracket?, and If you could pick out your driver's license pic but pay more would you?
00:00:00 3/12/2018
We Were Wondering: What was your last text?
00:00:00 3/12/2018
Second Date Update: Don't mix your love life and your work life.
00:00:00 3/12/2018
E News: Will Amy Schumer change her name?, What does Julianne Hough use to bleach her teeth?, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are putting in "inclusion rider" in their movie, and Fake or For Real.
00:00:00 3/12/2018
Joe Creighton owns the popular downtown restaurant, Cheapside Cafe on 8th Street...and Mecca, the eclectic Over-the-Rhine bar he owns with his wife and business partner. He loves Cincinnati and he expresses that love through his work. Many locals consider Joe Creighton to be a visionary. While he's excited about the progress Cincinnati has made in the revitalization of neighborhoods like OTR, Joe envisions a cultural renaissance in other neighborhoods, like the West End - which is one of the reasons he's helping to spearhead the revitalization of Dayton Street in the West End. We wanted to know where that passion comes from, what inspires him, and what his vision of Cincinnati's future looks like...which is why he's this week's Person of Interest.
00:00:00 3/11/2018
News That Didn't Make the News: How you can get the best sleep ever?, A woman was injured at a drag show, Voodoo dolls for your boss, and March Madness.
00:00:00 3/11/2018
Did Katy Perry kill a Nun and John Matarese.
00:00:00 3/11/2018
E News: Who was #1 at the box office?, Carson Daly suffers from anxiety, and OJ Simpson admits he killed Nicole.
00:00:00 3/11/2018

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