Jason & Alexis

Jason Matheson grew up on television, and his love for '80s soap "Dallas" and Disney World just may rival that for his husband and two dogs. His crafty counterpart Alexis Thompson spends her time knitting and collecting creepy antique dolls. With her edgy high school diaries and dream interpretation, producer Dawn McClain is there to call it like it is with a southern drawl. 10 years running, "Jason & Alexis in the Morning" can be heard weekdays 5:30-9 am CST on myTalk 107.1 FM radio in Minneapolis/St. Paul.


Jason & Alexis

9/13/19 FRI HR2 The new gadget that got Jason all excited this morning!

The new gadget that got Jason all excited this morning! Collin's review of the Downton Abbey movie. Trouble already for one of the new SNL cast members?
00:39:19 9/12/2019

Past Episodes

Alexis assigned Jason to watch the 1985 classic action film Commando starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Alyssa Milano. Did he like it? BAHAHA!
00:00:00 9/12/2019
How it would feel to meet your idol. Friday the 13th (with a rare full moon tonight)! Huge J.J. Abrams deal.
00:41:51 9/12/2019
Who Wants to be an Oprahnaire?? Jason's "forced" (as in, 'against his will') review of "Commando" (!)
00:34:18 9/12/2019
Alexis 'baby fruit' update. Who Wants to be an Oprahnaire?? Rihanna & Lizzo are up to something awesome!
00:41:57 9/11/2019
Theresa Caputo interview. Plus, the rest of the team reacts to this morning's Project Down & Dirty announcement.
00:32:04 9/11/2019
Project Down & Dirty announcement!! 'Second Chance Romance' is back!
00:41:01 9/11/2019
Mitch asked for our help. He was paired with Melissa on Tinder; he instantly recognized her because they went to high school together. They went on three dates. They made out on the first two and on the third date, they hung out with friends from high school. Why has she ghosted him now? Turns out Mitch forgot to tell us a few things.
00:00:00 9/11/2019
Alexis Reads Sticks; Dirt alert with Elizabeth; Rumors about Desperate Housewives from the past ; speculations about PDD
00:40:54 9/11/2019
Remembering 9/11; Dawn started GBBO season 7; Would U Rather; Is Hustlers Oscar Worthy
00:39:03 9/11/2019
Cool and Happy news for Alexis' brother Jake; Apple event recap; who wants to be an Oprahnaire; Murder House Flip
00:39:51 9/11/2019

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