Going Under: The Story of Tangier Island

Tangier Island, Virginia - Population 460 (and shrinking). It's a quirky, isolated place located smack dab in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. Residents drive golf carts and speak their own dialect, while visitors must travel by boat or plane to get there. But the island is vanishing. The reason why depends who you ask. But the fact is it could become uninhabitable in as little as 25 years, wiping an entire community and way of life off the planet. Should the island be saved... and at what cost? It's a question that has received attention from the highest rungs of power - including The White House.


Going Under: The Story of Tangier Island

Episode 1 - Welcome to Tangier Island

From soft-shell crabs to cats named Ann Coulter, Tangier Island is a place with a lot of character and characters.
00:19:18 12/16/2018

Past Episodes

Ooker speaks with President Donald Trump and debates Al Gore.
00:10:14 12/16/2018
From crab shanties to the Supreme Court and God...who are the people of Tangier Island?
00:08:58 12/16/2018
Is any cost too much to save a people, a community and a way of life?
00:13:21 12/16/2018
Meet the mayor of Tangier Island, James Eskridge, a commercial crabber with a deep love for his community.
00:10:40 12/16/2018
A new podcast produced by WTOP News in Washington, DC. Hosted by Reporter Michelle Basch. Full season release scheduled for December 17, 2018.
00:00:34 12/11/2018

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