Give'm The Biz with John Tabis

Founder & CEO of John Tabis enlists the help of his real life Cousin Bill and News Girl Katie Rotolo to share his experiences and wisdom in the startup game and the broader business world. From raising 10's of millions in financing to dealing with work stress to getting that first interview, we'll tackle it all every week.


Give'm The Biz with John Tabis

The Right Way to Leave

In this episode John talks about the proper way to leave a job when that time comes. Katie tells us about her days as a fantasy football guru for CBS, and Cousin Bill joins remotely from the clutches of the polar vortex. The team weighs in on the Gillette ad campaign, and they learn a little bit about their own social media accounts.
01:00:34 2/19/2019

Past Episodes

Christina Pascucci of KTLA News joins the crew for their first on location taping at her home KTLA Studios. She and the crew talk about the business of news but also the bigger picture, how time is fleeting and the desire to reinvent yourself every ten years. Slogans Heroes is back and Christina may or may not bend the rules!
00:54:59 2/12/2019
Co-Founder of Project Unite, Paul Pastor joins the team and outlines his journey from Disney, to Discovery Channel, to his newest venture. John and Paul talk about the difference between being an operator vs strategist. Katie surprises the guys with an "Impossible" taste test, and Cousin Bill's Hype Man startup business picks up another client.
01:21:46 2/5/2019
The crew meets the cooler version of John Tabis, Mike Cowan, Chief Digital Officer of Nitro Circus. He takes us through his journey there with Travis Pastrana who Bill remembers having a Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore standoff with once. And Katie admits she's never watched FRIENDS.
01:02:42 1/29/2019
The crew interviews tech founder Cooper Harris from Klickly. We learn about her dreams to save the world as a tween, her early experience in a performing arts conservatory, and how transitioning from the performance world to the tech industry can have its inconsistencies but she doesn't have a plan b. Oh, Slogan's Heroes strikes again but with a different ending than usual!
01:17:26 1/22/2019
John, Katie, and Cousin Bill are back together in the studio where John discusses how to give and receive feedback. Katie educates the guys on "slow fashion" and the gang fields their most challenging" Business the S*** Out of it" question yet about dating in the workplace.
00:56:06 1/15/2019
Safire Partners' Founder, and legit fan of the show, Todd Gitlin joins the crew and talks about his journey as an entrepreneur, and gives advice on how to hire and be hired. John claims to have invented the hybrid car when he was nine.
01:12:36 1/8/2019
John, Katie, and Bill round out 2018 with a festive holiday show, recapping the year, how they plan to celebrate, bringing forth some Holiday news, and trying to find those holiday deals.
00:55:13 12/24/2018 founder Chris Pan talks about his journey from being born in Taiwan to refugee parents, facing new challenges as his family moved to different cities, learning to be effective from a very young age, being a marketing director for Pepsi in China, and how he started
01:13:46 12/18/2018
John's parents, Jooge and Rae, visit the show and talk about their respective journeys through the working world, raising their CEO son, and their perspective of John's journey as an entrepreneur.
01:08:07 12/10/2018
Podcast One's Mike August continues his chat with the Bouqs team about working alongside Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel and both their unorthodox rises to stardom, the beginning of Artist Management Group, and the career path that brought him to Podcasting.
00:49:10 12/4/2018

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