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Pete and Dan are just a couple of lads who love to game.. after the nappies have been changed. The guys keep you up to date with the latest in gaming news and reviews, along with a few tips thrown in on how to juggle a love of gaming with being a *good dad*, ("Good dad" is subject to the interpretation of our wives, particularly if they try and get the kids to play 'Call of Duty').


Game On Australia (AUS)

Ep 131 - fE3ls

It's E3 week, and we have purveyed the best of the trailers and announcements for your listening pleasure fellow gamers in our....

Top "E3" things that gamers need to hear this week.
1. Halo Infinite
2. Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild sequel
3. Keanue Reeves and what happened during his presentation for Cyberpunk 2077

We have a brand new code to save you some $$ on a new monitor thanks to our mates at AOC/AGON

All the new collectors editions are being released over E3 and Pete isn't happy, hear why!

This week we read out the answers from our facebook community to the big question, "what game were you the best in the world at" and we'll reveal the next big question!

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01:06:06 6/13/2019

Past Episodes

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
1. Xbox has worked with Lynx to develop a bodywash and spray range for gamers! We put in a call to our resident Xbox connection - JB!
2. Gearbox will be adding a special weapon to Borderlands 3 in celebration of a fan with terminal cancer
3. Cuphead is coming to Tesla's!

It's a bit of a tearjerker episode, so we continue with another epic piece of gaming info that's sure to hit every gamer right in the feels.

Every week we drop a big question on our facebook community and you legends always deliver epic answers, we'll read them out and drop the next BIG QUESTION.

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00:46:11 6/6/2019

It's been weeks in the works but Pete and Dan have finally revealed their brand new gaming song, a quintessential track about a gamer's love for gaming to John Farnham's classic "That's Freedom"

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
1. The ACCC is taking Sony Europe to court over issues with the PSN, we talk to Rod Simms from the ACCC to guide us through the court filing.
2. Everything you need to know about the four new Pokemon things coming.
3. The World Health Organisation has officially declared gaming addiction a "disorder" - Pete explains why that is a good thing.

Razer sent us some awesome stuff, and we want to give it to our twitch subs!

This week's GOA Facebook community BIG QUESTION:
What legendary console exclusive title you have never played? We read the GOA community's answers and reveal the next BIG QUESTION!

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Thanks for listening legends!

01:03:24 5/30/2019


Some epic sh*t is taking place in this episode of the Game On AUS podcast, including giving you a sneak peak at our next big gamer song, one which we believe will be the gamer's Australian anthem!

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
1. How much do the world's top streamers get paid per by gaming companies?
2. George R.R. Martin is teaming up with who for a new game?
3. A huge PS5 update

**We were given an epic package to play for you from one of our community legends, Gfreak and the Arena esports/Kanga esports team, who were at BAM 11 over the weekend, however it is better to watch it than hear it so if you want to see it, check out ep 128 of the podcast at 

The GOA facebook BIG QUESTION:
"What is your favourite gaming series of all time?" - we read the comments of our facebook community, and then reveal the next BIG QUESTION!

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00:56:50 5/23/2019

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
1. A Mortal Kombat reboot has been announced, and it's being filmed in South Australia
2. Star Citizen has blown almost half a million dollars and is still nowhere near completion
3. E3 exhibitor times have been announced but there are some glaring absences from major games companies

Guest: ABI is a tournament organiser for Couch Warriors, and head TO for Tekken at this weekend's BAM 11! He joins us to talk about the up and coming tournament, the big names coming down under to compete, and how anyone listening can enter. We also find out his favourite part of the chicken!

BIG QUESTION: Squad or sex? We read out the hilarious answers from our gaming community.

We reveal next week's big question! Make sure you find our facebook group "Game On AUS - God Mode" to give us your thoughts!

Thanks for listening, and if you joined us live on - thanks for watching!


01:06:11 5/16/2019

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
2. LIQUID wins IEM 2019
3. XBOX controller for the visually impaired

Nicco is back from his trip to LA for Borderlands 3 and the embargo is now lifted - he fills us in on one of the biggest releases to come this year!

Facebook BIG QUESTION: Your most embarrassing achievement, we read the GOA community comments

Next BIG QUESTION revealed.... look to the facebook page to get involved

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01:07:16 5/9/2019

We're joined this week by twitch streamer and all round epic dancer chick - Nalopia!

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
1. Our thoughts on the new trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog's live action movie. How we feel about Sonic's look and Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik!
2. KFC has the most epic gamer deal going, but is it the ultimate gamer's food of choice?
3. GOAG tournaments - official date and tix details

NALOPIA - we meet the chick joining us in the studio, and find out some pretty interesting stuff about her day job.

BIG QUESTION: Longest ever gaming marathon? We read the answers from our facebook community!

NEXT BIG QUESTION: Think you have a big question we should ask? Join our GOD MODE closed group on facebook for details on how to get it to us!


01:21:16 5/2/2019

This week we're joined by Twitch partner and creator of womANZ (an incredible gaming community for Aussie women), Naysy!

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
1. Ads keep popping up in Assassin's Creed
2. Man streams for 2000 days in a row
3. Is there a new GTA coming? If so, we're should it be based?

We meet our guest Naysy, as she takes us on her journey to creating this incredible community of Australian gaming women, womANZ, and also talks about her life as a twitch partner, having just announced she's taking it on full time!

What game do you feel like you've barely started but are too far into to start again? We read the fb community's questions, and thanks to Chris from our great community for sending this Q in!

We reveal the NEXT big question...

Thanks a heap for all the awesome listens on the podcast and views on

01:04:59 4/25/2019

This week Dan is off so Pete is joined by Jacko_Gfreak, an Aussie twitch streamer from Victoria doing epic things in front of the camera!

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
1. PS5 details have been released and they are LEGIT
2. Assassin's Creed Unity could hold the key to rebuilding the Notre Dame Cathedral
3. Xbox has revealed a launch date for its all digital edition Xbox one S

We've hit over 800 members in the Game On AUS GOD MODE closed facebook
group, meaning we give away another prize!

Jacko tells us all about himself and what inspired the character - "Gfreak"

Did you change your PS4 name with the new update? Our community has answered, we read some of the comments and also reveal next week's big question which has been sent to us by CHRIS, thanks legend! You can send yours to us at

Don't forget to listen in for the AOC/AGON code to get your free monitor suitcase with a purchase of a new AOC/AGON monitor at!

Thanks to all of the legends watching us on and listening everywhere!


01:11:47 4/18/2019

Prince Harry had a crack at Fortnite, so we pull out the guitar and sing our right of reply on behalf of all gamers!

Top 3 things gamers need to know:
1. GOAG tournaments are COMING and Logitech G and Astro are on board to give you prizes!
2. A millionaire has announced plans for a real life Battle Royale on an island - we break down how it would work!
3. EA announces a new star wars game, here's everything we know!

We've been bashing out a poll on our socials lately and 1000 votes from our bloody epic community later we have the answer...

What game did you get the most value for money out of over time? Our facebook community gives us their answers!

Plus we reveal our next BIG QUESTION

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01:12:19 4/11/2019

HUGE THANKS TO AOC/AGON monitors, the world's #1 monitor brand has joined Game On AUS as our major sponsor for the next 13 eps!

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:

1. What is GOALL?

2. Google stadia, and the issues with it

3. A new record for most video games in a collection has been set!

HYPERX Cloud Alpha gaming headset giveaway!

We give away this awesome headset thanks to HYPERX who have just signed on as a major partner of the Western Sydney Wanderers E-league team!


Jo "N8 OhNoAGoat" Nassar, pro FIFA E-League player for the Western Sydney Wanderers joins us!


We talk about the GOA facebook community's answers to this week's big Q - "What game did you buy even though you knew it was SH*T?"

We reveal also our next big Q!


Bonus content!!

Thanks to 2K, we're joined by David Hoey, who will compete at Wrestlemania 2019 this week in NY for one million dollars as one of four finalists and the ONLY AUSSIE in WWE 2k19!

01:15:59 4/4/2019

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