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Ep. 23 - How Pre-Implantation Screening (PGS) Can Assist You Along Your Journey

In this episode of Focus on Fertility, we talk pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) with Alyssa Snider, MD, PhD, LCGC of Igenomix. Dr. Snider introduces what PGS is, the process and how it can assist those utilizing IVF with increased success. IVF treatment with the use of PGS has shown a pregnancy rate of about 70% compared to about 45% without. Dr. Snider also introduces some new terminology that is beginning to be used to replace PGS, PGT-A. Tune in!
00:20:50 8/13/2018

Past Episodes

In this episode of Focus on Fertility we are joined by the co-founders of Modern Fertility, Carly and Afton. After seeking out to discover her own fertility potential, Afton found it difficult, complex and expensive. As a result, along with Carley, they decided there had to be an easier and lower-cost way. That lead them to creating Modern Fertility and a new at-home fertility screening test. Tune and learn how easy and affordable fertility screening can be.
00:21:39 8/6/2018
In this episode of Focus on Fertility we visit Tulsa, Oklahoma and Tulsa Women's Healthcare to sit down with OB/GYN Dr. Cole Nilson. We discuss with Dr. Nilson why females should be more proactive in understanding their fertility potential, why they should discuss it with their OB/GYN and what steps can be taken to know what time one's biological clock shows.
00:10:13 7/30/2018
In this bonus episode of Focus on Fertility we sit down with five embryologists from MCRM Fertility to not only celebrate world embryologist day but also to learn what it is like to be an embryologist. Why did these individuals decide to be part of this field and help so many everyday with the dream of parenthood? What obstacles do they face and what advice do they have? We also celebrate the 40th birthday of the world's first IVF baby. Join us and tune in to this very special bonus episode.
00:24:30 7/24/2018
In this episode of Focus on Fertility we stop to talk about an option many employers are starting to utilize to assist their employees with infertility benefit coverage, Progyny. Progyny's patient care supervisor, Taylor Burbach, introduces how Progyny works with their patients members to provide a unique approach to fertility benefit coverage. Unlike with traditional insurance where the insurance company plays a minimalistic role in the process by only providing information on the exact coverage available and payout for services, Progyny, acts to be a partner through the process. Each member receives their very own Patient Care Advocate to be a resource. From simply talking all things fertility to assisting with coordination of appointments to finding the right clinic and even emotional support, Progyny's patient care advocates are there the entire way. Does your company have benefit coverage you were unaware of? Taylor helps provide insight as to how to learn whether you might have hidden benefits and if benefits are not currently offered some tips on how to discuss the topic with your company. Some companies currently utilizing Progyny Microsoft Cooper Surgical AT&T Tyson eBay Facebook Google Hearst Guitar Center News Corp Square Uber (please note this list may not be up to sure to check with your human resource department for the most updated information)
00:22:30 7/24/2018
In this episode of Focus on Fertility we speak with two researchers from the University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing are completing research evaluating the fertility experiences of women by sharing information regarding a brief online survey that you may participate in. The purpose of this study is to understand the experiences of women of childbearing age, including those who are having difficulty getting pregnant, and relationships. You can help other women, by helping researchers understand the experiences of women of childbearing age. We are interested in women who want to have children but are having difficulty getting pregnant, as well as, women who have had children already. Survey questions are about fertility, stress, social support, and relationships. The survey questions ask questions about your fertility, your stressors, your health, and your relationship. All of your answers are anonymous. You can skip any questions you don't wish to answer. The research team really appreciates your support. Take the survey at: Questions? Please contact Dr. Rusen Ozturk @ and/or Dr. Tina Bloom @
00:18:04 7/17/2018
This week we have a discussion with leading geneticist in the analysis of human DNA sequencing, Dr. Cengiz Cinnioglu, regarding pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) and embryo mosaicism. He is a Co-Founder and Laboratory Director of Igenomix. Dr. Cinnioglu has numerous peer-reviewed publications in respected scientific journals including Nature, American Journal Human Genetic, Human Genetics and Fertility and Sterility. He has presented at many national and international conferences regarding human genetics. He is member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, The American Association of Bioanalysts and The Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis International Society.
00:21:13 7/10/2018
We're rejoined with medical director Dr. Peter Ahlering, of MCRM Fertility, to discuss recurrent miscarriage and the possible effects of MTHFR and Natural Killer Cells. Does either MTHFR or Natural Killer Cells increase one's risk for a miscarriage? Tune in and learn more. To discuss this topic further with Dr. Ahlering or to request to schedule a consultation contact MCRM Fertility at 844-41-4BABY or visit
00:20:25 7/3/2018
We're rejoined with Dr. Mira Aubuchon, reproductive endocrinologist from MCRM Fertility, to discuss intrauterine insemination or IUI. Dr. Aubuchon shares more about what an IUI is, the processes related to this form of treatment, the good and not so good candidates and how successful IUI can be. Be sure to tune in and learn more. If you would like to discuss your fertility options with Dr. Aubuchon, contact MCRM Fertility to request your initial consultation appointment or call 844-41-4BABY(2229)and be sure to tell them you learned about MCRM Fertility on Focus on Fertility.
00:21:36 6/26/2018
In this episode of Focus on Fertility we learn about a recently released FREE app that is available to assist MEN coping with the journey of infertility. Similar to FertiCalm, which is designed for women, FertiStrong is specifically designed to assist men deal with every-day difficult situations that arise while battling infertility. Dr. Domar and Dr. Grill who helped develop FertiCalm have partnered with Dr. Janet Takefman, Coordinator of psychological services and research at McGill University Health Centre's Reproductive Centre in Montreal and assistant professor for the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Psychology at McGill University, and Dr. William Petok, a clinical associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University and is a past chair of the Mental Health Professional Group of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. FertiStrong provides men with more than 500 coping skills for more than 50 specific situations they may encounter each day that may lead to distress while continuing a difficult journey to parenthood such as: Social Events Sex Fertility Evaluation and Treatments Work Family and Friends Emotions Pregnancy Loss (Miscarriage) Mind-Body One's Partner Communication When Enough is Enough Relationship Survival 101 Learn more and download the FertiStrong app at
00:20:24 6/19/2018
In this episode of Focus on Fertility we learn about a free app, FertiCalm, which will aid one through some of the most common difficult situations one may face while traveling down their fertility journey. The app was developed by Alice Domar, Phd, executive director of the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health and Director of Mind/Body Services at Boston IVF and by Elizabeth Grill, PsyD, director of psychological services at the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Weill Medical College of Cornel University. Together, Dr. Domar and Dr. Grill have over 45 year's experience as reproductive psychologists and assist individuals on a daily basis traverse the difficult waters of emotions and mental health related to infertility. What was an idea forged on a napkin has turned into a reality that is helping woman every day. FertiCalm provides woman with more than 500 coping skills and relaxation techniques for more than 50 difficult situations they may encounter each day while trying to conceive such related to: Baby Functions Relationships Work Fertility Treatment Social Events And more Learn more and download the FertiCalm app at
00:18:36 6/12/2018

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