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New Medication Aims to Assist Patients with Moderate to Severe Endometriosis Pain

In this episode of Focus on Fertility, we are joined by Sarah Cross, PhD, Associate Scientific Director of Women's Health at Abbvie, to discuss a revolutionary new medication assisting patients with endometriosis pain, Orilissa. Orilissa is the first FDA approved oral medication developed specifically for women with moderate to severe endometriosis pain in more than a decade. Tune in and learn how the medication may assist you in reducing the symptoms associated with 3 common types of endometriosis pain: Painful Periods (dysmenorrhea) Pelvic Pains in between Periods (non-menstrual pelvic pain) Pain with Sex (dyspareunia) Additional information regarding Orilissa is available at
00:14:15 2/11/2019

Past Episodes

Healthy nutrition is key and the foundation to developing a healthy lifestyle but can often appear daunting to understand and follow. In this episode of Focus on Fertility, we speak with registered dietitian/nutritionist and author of Real Food for Pregnancy, Lily Nichols, regarding the topic of healthy nutrition for becoming pregnant and maintain a healthy pregnancy. We discuss topics including, What is Real Food?, What are macro and micro nutrients and what values should one seek?, Meal Tips and much more. Lily will assist you to simplify the complexities and share helpful insights regarding your nutrition. Learn more about Lily Nichols at Learn more about Real Food for Pregnancy at
00:31:06 12/11/2018
In this week's episode of Focus on Fertilty we conclude Flip Flops in Kiev, Jay and Tiffany's journey through international surrogacy. Today, we learn how, what should have been a simple process to conclude the journey allowing their twins to come home to the U.S. was filled with yet more speed bumps, hurdles and delays. Jay also shares his advice for anyone interested in considering international surrogacy for themselves. Visit for more information.
00:18:21 11/26/2018
In this week's episode of Focus on Fertility, we bring you part 1 of a two part series on one couples determination to having children through the use of international surrogacy. Jay and Tiffany, who like many in the United States, met, married and decided to have children later in life. With the biological clock ticking faster and faster, the couple chose to utilize IVF to become parents for the first time. However, when it came time to add to their family the journey became even more difficult with numerous twists and turns with several occurring in a totally different nation without the ability to clearly communicate and gain clear understanding of their surrounding and situations. We sit down with Jay and he shares their story including their pitfalls, unexpected speed bumps and final joy of bringing home twin boys. Tune in and share their journey and learn about the utilization of international surrogacy. Find out more at
00:22:24 11/20/2018
In this episode of Focus on Fertility, we talk the ERA Test with Tiffany Stankiewicz of Igenmix to learn how the ERA test may be able to help those who have had recurrent pregnancy loss and prior IVF failure. The Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA) helps to determine when the optimum window of implantation is to occur for an individual. Completing an embryo transfer at the accurate window of implantation has shown to increase pregnancy outcomes. Are you the right candidate for the ERA test? Learn more and tune-in.
00:18:04 11/12/2018
This week we are joined by program director, Kimberly Tyson, of Snowflakes Embryo Adoption. What is embryo adoption? Is it the right path for you? What are the processes involved? What are the costs? All of these questions and more are answered. Additionally, if you are someone who may have frozen embryos in storage and looking for an option regarding them, adopting them to another family maybe a solution. Tune in and learn more. Contact Snowflakes Embryo Adoption at, or call 970.663.6799
00:17:32 10/31/2018
Thomas "Rusty" Pool, Ph.D. HCLD, Fertility Center of San Antonio Scientific Director, has been involved in the field of reproductive medicine for nearly 40 years. Recently at #ASRM2018 in Denver, Colorado, Dr. Pool was awarded the Society of Reproductive Biologists and Technologists (SRBT) Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Pool joins us for this episode of Focus on Fertility to share his thoughts and insights regarding the changes that have taken place during his time in the embryology lab and where he predicts the field will head during the next several years. Learn more about Dr. Pool at
00:12:10 10/22/2018
This week we celebrate with our sponsor, MCRM Fertility, as they host a FREE event this weekend. Earlier this year, MCRM Fertility turned 5 and to celebrate their 5th Anniversary they are hosting a FALL FAMILY FUN event full of great activities for children and adults. They especially would like to invite all previous patients and graduates to be part of a very special picture opportunity. Tune in and learn more. Thank you very much and hope to see you all there on Saturday the 20th.
00:09:22 10/15/2018
#ASRM2018 in Denver, Colorado has officially concluded but before doing so some exciting news was released with respect to the use of artificial intelligence to select the "best" embryo for transfer. You'll want to tune in to be sure to learn more about this development. In addition, the FDA has recently approved a new, upgraded version of the EmbryoScope® time-lapse incubator and we stop by the Vitrolife booth to learn more and how this will help benefit more patients than before. Learn more about EmbryoScope at
00:11:37 10/10/2018
Another busy and information filled day at #ASRM2018 in Denver, Colorado. In today's podcast, we introduce you to a new way to get answers to your fertility questions from the experts in the field, at no cost or appointment necessary, with We also introduce you to a new ovulation system that is designed to help you better determine the "best" time of your cycle to try to naturally conceive. Lastly, we conclude with some highlight studies of the day that shows the impact your sleep cycle can have on your fertility potential. Be sure to Tune-in!
00:17:23 10/9/2018
This week, Focus on Fertility is covering the events and latest news from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine's (ASRM) annual scientific congress and expo. Today, we meet with Sean Tipton of ASRM to discuss the role ASRM plays and the reason for the annual congress. We also speak with Olga Milobedzki from Ferring Pharmaceuticals to discuss the #TalkAboutTrying campaign Ferring is wanting you to be a part of. Lastly, we share some highlight stories and research releases from day 1 of #ASRM2018. Tune in today and throughout the week for updates and news from ASRM 2018.
00:13:59 10/7/2018

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