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Fitz in the Morning Episode #110 Fri 09/20/19

It's Fri-Yay and that can only mean one thing: Bull-Yah! What Are You Kidding Me?!: wearable chair called the Lexchair automatically pops out when you sit; lady on airplane pops blister on foot, spraying blood everywhere; pastor leaves note on church sign for thief that stole their A/C: "keep our A/C... It's hot where you're going." Ticket Or Skip It: Drew reviews "Downton Abbey," "Ad Astra", and "Rambo Last Blood" Hourly Bulletin: Global Student Walkout for Climate Change; FAA Chief tests 737 Max software; Longview student calls 911 on drunk bus driver; Tacoma thieves crash car into pot store to rob it; report of gunman on U-District roof turns out to be false alarm; Gardner Minshew off to one of best starts in NFL Rookie history; Tom Brady Tweets about officiating during TNF game. Throwin' Shade - ICYMI, here's how Shade really feels about Christmas Décor in September. The Fitz Files: Kevin Hart back home; Brad Paisley getting Variety Show Special; Celine Dion begging Drake not to get tattoo of her; Demi Moore spilling details on marriage to Ashton Kutcher. The Good Stuff: bride-to-be from Georgia collected supplies for hurricane victims before travelling to the Bahamas for her Bachelorette party there. City vs. Country: Adam from Renton meets Country Girl Caroline from Orting and City Girl Lydia from Tacoma. CPR: Country Pigskin Report - Rob the Original P1 has the HS Football games to watch for. Troop Salute: Sean and Zachary Moyer of the US Army. Meet Jessica Brockway: Bothell Baker on Food Network Halloween Baking Challenge! Area 51 Has Been Stormed! Ryder has highlights of the action so far! Weekend Party Preview: Claire tells us all the cool things going on this weekend and we play our Brad Paisley Sound Check for his show this weekend at the WA State Fair!
01:27:44 9/20/2019

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Sometimes finding an old pair of shoes in the closet is like finding money in your pants. First Caller of the Day: Bobbie from "D-Town" just checking in! What Are You Kidding Me?!: couple reacts to mountain lion walking into their house and Drew demonstrates (kinda) how to fend off a big cat; drone operator spots shark and warns surfers; couple planning nudist wedding looking for nudist waiters and bartenders. You Make The Call: Facebook, Instagram, and Snap Chat propose making posts about plastic surgery unviewable to kids under 18; we discuss the various reasons why we agree. Hourly Bulletin: Seattle proposes new fees for Uber and Lyft; Island County pulls $100k from homeless center; Mountlake Terrace Police investigating Snap Chap child luring case; Seattle City Council looks to crack down on RV ranchers; gambler caught cheating in Snohomish casino; Ziggy Ansah set to debut for Hawks this Sunday; WSU on HBO College Football show October 23rd. A Very Good Dog: (mascara alert) a dog in Florida dies saving his family from a house fire. The Fitz Files: Josh Turner's tour bus crashed in California and one crew member has died; no one told Mark-Paul Gossellar about the "Saved By the Bell" reunion; Kim Kardashian's security mistook her mom for an intruder and tackled her. The Good Stuff: a TSA agent saves a life with the Heimlich maneuver. Make Up or Break Up: Christine from Lakewood is aggravated that her boyfriend Ben is super cheap; he's says he's intelligent not cheap and she should be grateful. Playlist Profiling: OMG Drew Wins! Throwin' Shade: Shade Battle Raps about those September Christmas Decorations.
01:17:50 9/19/2019
It's just some good old Northwest Rain, so let's play some great songs about rain! What Are You Kidding Me?!: farm fire leads to bull "batter" container explosion; two little boys go viral for hitting themselves in the head with a trash can lid. We Find Lost Dogs!: Tuesday's First Caller of the Day Clint found his lost dogs after putting the word out on our show and on our social media. Hourly Bulletin: Tacoma Mayor asks for cease-fire in city's violence spike; local gas prices spike after Saudi Oil field attack; scam targeting Eastside churches; male version of Bikini Barista opens in Capital Hill; Lacey Elementary honored with "Healthiest Schools" designation; WHL T-Birds and Silvertips start this weekend; Russell Wilson is NFC Player of the Week. The Fitz Files: Nick Carter gets restraining order against Aaron Carter; Brad Paisley getting a sitcom; Benicio Bryant from Maple Valley on Finals of America's Got Talent; New Bachelor is Peter the Pilot. The Good Stuff: Breast Cancer survivor is first person to swim the English Channel FOUR times back to back. All Jacked Up: Come on, admit it, we are all a little jacked up. (Everyone tastes dog treats, right?) Tell Me 'Bout the Good Ol' Days: Drew interviews his grandparents about their amazing 73 year marriage. Troop Salute: Sgt 1st Class Jeremy Griffin of the US Army Special Forces from JBLM was killed in action this week in Afghanistan. My Poor Momma: Fitz' momma reads the mean messages that he's gotten over the last few weeks. We Are Not Alone: The US Navy admits that UFO's are UFO's.
01:12:57 9/18/2019
Fitz is always ready for his close-up! First Caller of the Day: Clint from Eatonville needs help finding his lost dogs. We've put the information up on our Facebook Page - hope you can help! What Are You Kidding Me?!: we waste a lot of money eating out too much; Kale flavored candy canes?! Girl stuck with needle after biting into pastry from grocery store. Text the Truth Tuesday: We hear your darkest secrets, anonymously of course. Hourly Bulletin: Sound Transit increasing security after weekend violence; truck plunges into Woods Creek; two new cases of vaping-related illness in Washington; FAA Chief says he will personally test the 737 Max; Key Arena renovation on track, but historic roof is now suspended; Drew Brees out for six weeks. The Fitz Files: Wendy Williams thinks Christie Brinkley is faking her DWTS injury; woman from Kevin Hart blackmail sex tape is suing him; Netflix scores "Seinfeld" and HBO Max scores "Big Bang". Extreme Classroom Makeover Winner: We meet Katrina who nominated her friend Jade from Everett. The Good Stuff: college kid at ESPN Gameday held up sign asking to Venmo him beer money - it worked and he ended up with $5000 which is he donating to a Children's Hospital charity. Make Up or Break Up: Brandon from Granite Falls is disgusted by his girlfriend Tiffany's mess in their car; Tiffany turns the tables on Brandon and says he's the real pig. We meet the Disney Resort Halloween Vacation Winner! Playlist Profiling: Holly from Silverdale. Fitz has solved the Mystery of the "Who Sent the Gift Man Charm".
01:21:21 9/17/2019
A great evening at the Washington State Fair shooting the County Wars Victory Video! We are still on a high from eating fair food. First Call of the Day: Alyssa the Drywaller who is obsessed with Fitz' favorite TV show "Yellowstone". What Are You Kidding Me?!: woman dreams she swallowed her engagement ring and wakes up to find she really did; solid gold toilet stolen from Winston Churchill exhibit; study shows the average American spends $120K dating during their lifetime. Hourly Bulletin: the new walk-on terminal is open at the Coleman Ferry Dock; Burien Police looking for thief; Issaquah student arrested for social media threat; three plaintiffs in Amtrak derailment in DuPont awarded $17 million; UW nutritionist says Impossible Burgers aren't as healthy as you're being led to believe; Seahawks give Pete his 100th win on his Birthday; Gardner Minshew still looks great in NFL; we give some HS Football scores. What is your "Simple Pleasure": We talk about ours and Fitz reads a list of the most common. The Fitz Files: Is Bradley Cooper dating Laura Dern?; Felicity Huffman gets prison time; Keith Urban on Jay Leno's Garage; Christie Brinkley breaks arm in DWTS rehearsal; what is the best pop song to use as a lullaby? The Good Stuff: guy in Bend beats cancer twice and then wins lottery. City Vs. Country: Did Taylor and Tim go out on a date this weekend? How did it go? Ringtone IQ: can you name the song based on the ring tone? (It's hard!) Troop Salute: Shane Durkin of the US Army. Fat Shaming: We play and discuss James Corden's response to Bill Maher's comments and Ryder shares his personal experience. Listen all week to win "Back To School Botox" and a trip to see Cole Swindell in San Diego!
01:15:52 9/16/2019
The best way to celebrate Friday the 13th ? With the Friday Bull Yah!! What Are You Kidding Me?!: politician proposing legislation against farting on airplanes; wedgie DQ for a high school swimmer reversed; Ticket or Skip It: Drew reviews "Hustlers". Hourly Bulletin: lightning storm hits big targets; dogs put down after coming in contact with rabid bats; dead man found on Pac Hwy; Alaska Airlines debuts program to cut down plastic bottle use; Mariners rookie hits three homers in first three days; six Seahawks eligible for 2020 Pro Football HOF induction; Friday The 13th: Fitz explains the Harvest Moon and what it means, and Drew going to his grandparents' house for his grandmother's 90th birthday and their 73rd anniversary - yes, they were married on a Friday The 13th! The Fitz Files: Blake Shelton pushes Craig Morgan to #1; Demi Moore poses nude in Harper's Bazaar; Lisa Kudrow has never watched "Friends"; Eddie Money has died; Felicity Huffman will be sentenced today. The Good Stuff: couple holds community baby shower for new parents in need. City vs. Country: Taylor from West Seattle meets Country Boy Henry from Kent and City Boy Tim from Redmond. CPR, the Country Pigskin Report: Rob the Original P1 has all the high school football info for tonight. Fitz fulfills his promise to Blake Shelton and plays Craig Morgan's beautiful new song about his late son, "The Father, My Son, and The Holy Ghost". Troop Salute: Major General Barrett and Brigadier General Lodi of the US Army are the first sisters ever to make General! Believe It Or Not: Everyone has that story...Weekend Party Preview has some fun stuff for the whole family. We are shooting the Pierce County August County Wars Championship Video Sunday at 4pm at the Puyallup Fair. Look for the Bull Tent!
01:53:08 9/13/2019
Nothing wakes you up quite like an electric toothbrush. First Caller of the Day: Tow Truck Driver Jim met Fitz at the airport last year. What Are You Kidding Me?!: guy and girl arrested joy riding on hood of car on freeway; Yellowstone Park blasting AC/DC to get bison off the road; college champ swimmer disqualified because school-issued swim suit rode up during swim; man falls asleep in a dumpster and wakes up when it's being dumped. Tired Mommies! Fitz has a bunch of stories about things moms have done because they were so tired; we hear from dads too. Hourly Bulletin: Ride the Ducks Seattle suing parent company; ski buffs can buy old Stevens Pass lifts; King County teen first confirmed local case of vaping-related illness; Marysville HS security officer getting state award; human remains found at construction site, kittens dumped on I-90 ready for adoption; Storm advance in WNBA Championship; CA lawmakers take on NCAA on paying athletes. Ryder Is an Inspiration: Fitz reads an emotional letter from a listener. The Fitz Files: Kevin Hart getting better; there's no "It: Chapter 3"; Jonas Brothers perform in Nashville and hang out with Country stars; The Situation is out of jail. The Good Stuff: trapped hikers saved after someone finds their message in a bottle. Make Up or Break Up: Noah from Covington is wondering why his girlfriend Stephanie has never introduced him to her parents after two years of dating. Playlist Profiling: It's Justin Moore! Throwin' Shade: Our secret weapon battle rapper takes on Kelly Clarkson.
01:20:17 9/12/2019
Fitz just can't...until the lights are just right. First Caller of the Day: Mamma Chris from West Seattle is headed to bed after her overnight shift. We Will Never Forget: Recounting our memories of September 11, 2001. What Are You Kidding Me?!: meth-head looks like Walter White from Breaking Bad; yet another driver crashes through LA Fitness and lands in pool; students prank teacher by making him think they broke the classroom TV; woman suffers from rare condition where she can hear everything going on inside her body. Mind Yo' Business?: Claire had to decide whether to step in when she witnessed some neglectful parenting. Hourly Bulletin: stabbings in North Seattle, America commemorates 9/11; hit-and-run death on I-405; Starbucks suing small Alaska company for copyright; Mariners call up prospects and one hits a homer in debut; Seahawks Kendricks facing sentencing for insider trading. Pet Tails: updates on our pets' health and wellness. The Fitz Files: Is J.Lo performing at the Superbowl; New Zealand reality show contestant wanted for assault in Seattle; Kim K. made $2 million in 5 mins; Keith Urban "We Were" acoustic. The Good Stuff: Remembering 9/11 First Responders. All Jacked Up: weird things you do but try to hide. Talk Nerdy To Me: Ryder talks about the new iPhones and the "Slowfie". Drew Has Stew: Drew talks soups and stews now that it's Fall. Troop Salute: Troy Nelson of the US Army and a tribute to the 9/11 first responders. Insta-Therapy: Aaron's wife is already decorating for Halloween; Alice's man is not affectionate unless he's drinking; AJ's buddy is flirting with his girlfriend. Cheaters Sometimes Do Profit: Man on a business trip had an affair and died during the act and judge rules it was a workplace-related death, giving his wife his pension.
01:24:56 9/11/2019
Should Fitz be worried about the tow truck lurking in the parking lot? First Caller of the Day: D-Rod had a great time seeing Trace Atkins. What Are You Kidding Me?!: woman hires a handyman to kill her husband in exchange for her really old car; man holds off bear attack by reasoning with it; man makes fun of wife while trying to kill giant spider; Carolina couple finds civil war cannonballs on beach after Hurricane Dorian. Dating Site or No? Fitz quizzes us with a list of site names and asks if they are real or not. Hourly Bulletin: heavy rain closes Everett High; wolverine found along I-90 valuable to science; evidence mounting against local Medical Examiner; lawsuit against Sound Transit goes to state supreme court; deputies have real-time access to school surveillance cameras; Seahawks provide "sensory break room" for fans with autism; Jags pick up another QB but Cougar Gardner Minshew is still #1. The Fitz Files: Sarah Palin getting divorced; Nashville benefit for Dorian. Christian Bale says Robert Pattinson should make sure he can pee in the Batsuit; Seattle PD wins $50,000 for LipSync Video. Make Up or Break Up: This one is super awkward. Hannah from Shoreline says her boyfriend Alex is a "momma's boy. Playlist Profile: Brie from Graham. Mystery of the Bracelet: Fitz received a charm bracelet with no idea who sent it. The Good Stuff: Tallahassee kid is a Tennessee fan but can't afford a shirt so makes his own and gets bullied; UT's Dean hears and orders official t-shirts designed with his logo. Ryan's Toy Review under federal investigation for taking endorsement money from toy companies without disclosing it as paid advertising. We debate!
01:14:36 9/10/2019
Monday comes storming in! Drew feels like he leg-pressed a BMW because he did. And how about those Seahawks! We go through our Peaks and Pits for the weekend. First Caller of the Day is Coach Scott in Everett.  What Are You Kidding Me?!: couple accidentally gets a $125k deposit to their account and spends it; Indian woman sets world record for oldest woman to give birth at 74; Ohio man mad because cops confiscated his weed which he thought was legal; a 24-year-old woman has already had 20 plastic surgeries. Runaway June calls the show and gets the Fitz Artist Interrogation! Hourly Bulletin: storm brings 2200 lightning strikes; Sound Transit wants to know how you want a billion $ spent; scammers target vulnerable Tacoma power customers; elderly woman drives car into ravine; Paul Allen's mega yacht up for sale; Seahawks win with dominant defense; Cougar alum Gardner Minshew shines in unexpected debut; we check some Friday Night Lights scores. New Student?: middle school teacher gives birth at her school. The Fitz Files: Kelly Clarkson trashes Country Radio in a promo for her Talk Show; Rob Halford of Judas Priest has a Christmas album. The Good Stuff: research shows 90% of strangers will help out a person being attacked. City vs. County Wrap Up: Did Matt from Mill Creek go to the Seahawks games with Alana from Fremont?  Why, yes they did, and they had a good time. Ringtone IQ: Ryder tests us on our ring tone knowledge. Troop Salute: Samuel Corman of the US Navy. Our First Concerts: Drew just found out his first was Carole King at Knott's Berry Farm.  Fitz's was Alabama, Claire saw Kenny Rogers; Ryder saw Rascal Flatts. Monday Motivation: Let's get your week started off right!
01:15:19 9/9/2019
The air smells sweeter on Fridays! And it sounds sweeter too, with the Bull-Yah! What Are You Kidding Me?!: 82-year-old shopkeeper fights off robber with walking stick; car thieves take selfies and leave the camera when they ditch the car; moron drives their Jeep onto the beach to challenge Hurricane Dorian and now it's gone; woman dies from rooster attack while collecting eggs. Hourly Bulletin: Howard Shultz done with his presidential bid; Thurston County Sheriff warning of gas station skimmers in Yelm; final double decker viaduct section coming down; Washington driver pulled over with doctored tabs; Eastern Washington holds meeting for secession; Edmonds police use drone to capture suspect; Sonic Center Jack Sikma going into the NBA Hall of Fame; the Bethel/Kennedy game is going to be on ESPNU. Ryder Has Leveled Up: He feels like he's finally getting his life together. The Fitz Files: Kelly Clarkson didn't want to win "American Idol"; Hallmark Christmas movies announced; "Rudy" is the next Colonel Sanders and the trailer is epic. Brantley Gilbert is coming to the Tacoma Dome! The Good Stuff: a South Carolina kid spends money he'd saved for a Disneyworld to feed Hurricane evacuees. City vs. Country: Matt from Mill Creek meets Country Girl Christie from Puyallup, who has the inside track on doing the Fair and tickets to the Cadillac 3, and City Girl Alana from Fremont who has tickets to The Hawks Opener. CPR! The Country Pigskin Report: Rob the Original P1 gives us the rundown of the High School Football action. Troop Salute: Sergeant Ed Linge of the United State Marine Corps. Believe It or Not: Everyone has those stories, and we want to hear yours. Weekend Party Preview: we run down some cool goings-on this weekend around the Great Northwest.
01:19:48 9/6/2019

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