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Fitz in the Morning Episode #66 Monday 07/22/2019

Nothing gets you moving like walking through a spider web as Drew learned; Fitz's kids are afraid of hyenas after watching "The Lion King"; Claire forgot the basic life advice of wear sunscreen, and Ryder bought a very expensive cat toy; First Caller of The Day Carl checks in from JBLM. "What Are You Kidding Me": a 911 operator hung up on a woman for yelling; a guy put up a billboard saying birds aren't real they are government spy drones. "You Make the Call" - Drew wanted to compliment a woman's legs but couldn't figure out how without sounding creepy and Fitz wants your opinion. The "Fitz Files": Marvel is putting out movies until the Sun burns out; Shannon Doherty will star in "Riverdale's" tribute to Luke Perry, "Big Little Lies" is done for the season, but is it done for good? Shay from Dan and Shay is trying to out-sing Fitz on "The Lion King". (Cover your ears - Fitz makes us hit the high note on Maren Morris' "Girl". "The $1000 Minute": hear "how it's done" from Robin from Bonney Lake who WINS! "The Good Stuff": a man scales a burning apartment building to check on his momma who was trapped inside. We get the resolution to Friday's "City Vs. Country": did Air Traffic Controller Bob and Amber from Bonney Lake did meet up? Edgar Martinez is finally in the Baseball Hall of Fame and Rob the Original P1 from Bremerton went to Cooperstown to be there for it. Ryder quizzes us on "Ringtone I.Q" to see if we can recognize tunes on his phone. Troop Salute: PO2 Terry Ballard of the US Navy. We need your help with "Insta Therapy": Lauren from Puyallup just found out her 41-year-old best friend has been dating her 22-year-old son.
01:25:55 7/22/2019

Past Episodes

The "Top Gun: Maverick" trailer is out and we are all freaking out! Meanwhile Fitz and Ryder the Youngin' are bonding over the feel of a nice new white T-shirt. Today on "What Are You Kidding Me": The guy who started the "Storm Area 51" thing online now says it was just a big joke and he's backing out because he's afraid of the FBI and the Military. On "Ticket or Skip It": "The Art of Self Defense" and a little movie called "The Lion King"! Then we take a call from Jim the Navy Man who talks about parts of "Top Gun: Maverick" being filmed right here at NAS Whidbey! "Wheel! Of! Shade!" We hear all about Shade's trip to Wheel of Fortune tryouts in Tacoma. "The Fitz Files": - The "Top Gun: Maverick" trailer is awesome, the "Cats" trailer is terrifying and Tom Brady has dropped his own "Old Town Road" video. "The Good Stuff": A guy in Iowa who passed away in 2005 gave his life savings to put a bunch of kids he had never met through college and they had a reunion. "City Vs. Country": Bob from Burien meets City Girl Leslie from Olympia and Country Girl Amber from Bonney Lake. Who will he pick? Troop Salute: Brady Stevenson of the US Air Force. We talk about the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing with some cool stats and facts, including Drew's Grandmother leaving a part of herself inside a moon buggy! Everyone has a story that begins with "Believe it or not.....", so we want to hear yours. And brace yourself for the moment that EVERYONE is talking about: We all perform a Live Action "Hakuna Matata"!
01:20:32 7/19/2019
Thursday's show opens with a musical tour of the "Lion King"! (All Drew had to do was mention it and Fitz just burst right into song.) "What Are You Kidding Me" stories: a man thought he had sawdust in his eye, but it turned out to be a tick. In his EYE! Meanwhile Fitz says Lyme disease is a government conspiracy...First Caller of the Day Jill says she's single and wants to be hooked up so Fitz suggests she call back Friday to be on "City vs. Country". Jill is concerned about creeps with fetishes like feet-licking; Fitz wonders what's wrong with that? Fitz says the owners of FaceApp that we all aged ourselves with is a Russian company that now owns access to all our photos, and we willingly gave it to them. "Storm Area 51 Update": Fitz says ever since "Storm Area 51" started, searches for "Alien Porn" have gone up 58,000%. Today's "Fitz Files": Miranda Lambert's new husband is shirtless in a little promo video for her new song; Luke Combs has been inducted into the Grand Ole' Opry; "Gossip Girl" is getting reboot and we all come up with potential titles for Aunt Becky's "Hallmark Christmas in Jail" movies. "The $1000 Minute" was soooo clooossseee...Linda from Enumclaw got to #10 but didn't know it! Today's "The Good Stuff" - Shade is going to try out for "Wheel of Fortune" and Fitz is reaching into the Petty Cash to get him dinner in Tacoma. "Make Up or Break Up": Jeff from Buckley is upset that his girlfriend Vanessa doesn't like his friends and refuses to hang out with them. She says his friends are all just loser stoners and she wants more for him. We premiere the New Miranda Lambert Song "It'll All Come Out in The Wash".
01:13:24 7/18/2019
Did you age yourself on FaceApp? We did - Fitz looks like the Most Interesting Man in the Word, Drew looks like your Mom's 3rd husband, Claire dove into a tub of moisturizer and Ryder The Youngin' thinks he aged like "fine $2 wine". BTW, Fitz tells us it's a Russian app that has just captured all of our faces. Oh well. Speaking of what everyone's doing: Fitz and Ryder did the Bread challenge; Fitz stapled Ryder's sandwich to a tree. The "First Caller of the Day" is Lumber Mill Patrick. "What Are You Kidding Me": A town in England threw a party for the neighborhood cat; an Iowa government official was forced to resign because of his obsession with Tupac; a family's bird has learned to chirp along with "Baby Shark". In the "Fitz Files": Katy Perry talks about reuniting with Taylor Swift, Jimmie Allen proposes to his girlfriend at Disney World and Leonardo DiCaprio STILL won't talk about whether Jack could have fit on the door with Rose in "Titanic". "The Good Stuff" centers on a 75-year-old guy who fought off a gator that attacked his dog; this does however lead to a discussion about Florida gators feeding on Meth dumped in the water system there! Yes, Methgators! Are you "All Jacked Up"? Sure you are - we all have things we do that are totally crazy, so come on and share. Today's "Troop Salute" is Dennis Harris of the US Navy. A listener needs your help as a "5 Minute Hero" -Tina Tukwila went out with a group of gals and one of them cheated on her husband. Now she's reaching out to Tina to talk and Tina doesn't know what to do. It's a special edition of "County Wars" Portable Toilet Guy Donald vs. Honey Bucket Corey.
01:08:33 7/17/2019
Welcome to Tuesday! We are reunited as Claire returns from her vacation to visit her 95-year-old Aunt. Drew questions the accuracy of Fitz's Big Beef Doppler and First Caller of the Day Kami from Issaquah checks in. Today's "What Are You Kidding Me" stories: a woman had her car stolen while picking up her daughter so she tracked the thieves and caught them herself; a guy says a Door Dash driver ate some of his ribs; Drew tells a story about his buddy Darrin doing the "push together" when he was a pizza driver; and the newest stupid internet trend/challenge is stapling bread to a tree?? "Text the Truth" is back - you text us your darkest secrets and we'll read them out loud; no names, just truths. Fitz tells a "Dad Joke" - and Ryder doesn't get. The "Fitz Files": Bagel Boy Boxing, Bond Babe, and it's a Bachelorette Bible Beatdown. "The Good Stuff" is about a military mom who threw out the first pitch at a baseball game only to discover that the "catcher" is her son, returned from deployment with the US Marines. "Make Up or Break Up" is a doozy: Alexa from Auburn's boyfriend Brian has a close female friend at work who is always talking to him about really personal stuff with waaayy TMI. Alexa thinks she's after Brian and Brian thinks she is overreacting...but the woman they are arguing about has been listening to the show and she called in! The Gang - well, minus Drew - are continuing to support the Facebook Group plan to storm Area 51. "What Have We Learned Today"? Well, Ryder the Youngin' learned Luke Bryan does not sing the song "Some Beach."
01:02:32 7/16/2019
We have a Jam packed day today. What a way to start a week off. First we talk about how Kenny Chesney is going to be calling in live on Skype Chat to debut his brand new song here on the Bull with Fitz in The Morning. Kenny played it for us first, before anybody else gets it. Fitz is going to be giving away his Black Maxx electric bike to a member of The Misfitz his "biker gang". AND we talk about how Blanco Brown, the guy who created the Get Up Challenge is going to be here today at our Longhorn Lounge performing his song. We'll play 2 more rounds of "County Wars" today as everyone is trying to knock Pierce County off the top. Ryder is still filling in for Claire on "Fitz Files". He tells us about Beyonce's criminal act in England over the weekend, and about the great advice that Kelly Clarkson gave Taylor Swift about the rights to her music catalog. Before this show is over Ryder will also tell us why little Mason Ramsey, The Wal Mart Yodeling kid is hanging with rapper tough-guy Young Thug. Are you wondering if our "City Vs. Country" couple from Friday made a love connection? You'll find out today when we hear from the pair. And the "What Are You Kidding Me Stories" cover a Toilet Bomb, A guy who says he's from the future, The Blackout in NYC, and a kid named Jack Daniels... In England. Before we send you off to start your week with "Monday Motivation", Fitz wants to know why Drew was texting his ex-wife over the weekend, and he asks our P1's to make the call on whether or not this is ok, and they really chime in!
01:01:10 7/15/2019
The Northwest woke up to a whole lot of shaking today when a Magnitude 4.6 earthquake struck just outside of Everett around 3am. Fitz is clearly shaken and excited about this quake, and we take calls from P1 listeners who experienced it. Claire is on vacation in Southern California so she missed all the excitement. Drew tells you what to expect from this weekend's new releases at the movies in "Ticket Or Skip It", and we have 2 more rounds of "County Wars" to see if anyone can upset the dominance of Pierce County. On a brand new "City Vs. Country" Matt from Kent meets our City Girl Amanda from Greenwood, and Country Girl Christina from Mukilteo. Does he make the right choice? We know that Taylor Swift makes a fortune with her music, but what other young woman just signed her first $1 million dollar deal? Ryder is going to tell you who it is, because he is filling in for Claire with "The Fitz Files". We get a brand new "Troop Salute", and then Fitz sends all his horrible, mean messages to his Momma and makes her read them back in "My Poor Momma". No week is truly complete without Fitz putting shade on the spot, so the tall one challenges Made in the Shade to create a commercial for his weekend appearance at Lakewood Summer fest... In only 3 ˝ minutes... Can he do it? We'll close this show out the "Weekend Party Preview" Where Ryder, once again filling in for Claire, will tell you where all the fun events are happening around the Sound.
01:18:47 7/12/2019
Today's date is 7-11, which means 7-11 stores are offering a free small Slurpee! But it turns out they are not all offering it at the same time - we compare notes on how to get one. In Today's "What Are You Kidding Me" stories: a Georgia woman ordered a "Moana" cake for her daughter's birthday, but with her thick southern accent, the baker misunderstood her and heard "Marijuana"! And yet another story about a nutjob breaking into a home, this time wearing a Christmas onesie. There's a Facebook Event called "Storm Area 51" - Fitz, Ryder and Claire have joined the group which demands the truth about the aliens but Drew is a skeptic and thinks they are all nuts. Today on the "Fitz Files": Wheel of Fortune is holding try-outs in Tacoma, Taylor Swift held a Prime Day concert and the "Shark Week" schedule is out. The "Good Stuff": an autistic student got a silent standing ovation at his high school graduation because the entire school respected his sensitivity to loud noises. "Make Up or Break Up" features Makayla from Renton whose boyfriend Josh recently brought home two cats that belonged to a family member that died and Makayla is highly allergic to cats. She's asked him to find a different home for the cats but he is dragging his feet and she is starting to question whether Josh cares more about the cats - Garth and Trisha - more than her. "Playlist Profiling" tries to throw us off the scent of a caller's identity. And a 5-foot-tall man went nuts in a bagel shop after he thought he was being made fun of - we listen to the audio of the guy going off on the rest of the customers and a fight breaking out.
01:01:45 7/11/2019
Did Fitz miss his calling by not being a YouTube star when he was in High School, or is he lucky that his teenage antics aren't public? Today's "What Are You Kidding Me?" includes Carjacking By Snake(!), the Swiss Air Force buzzes a yodeling festival and a gender reveal goes wrong when a car burns up. Brace yourself because Fitz tells a few "Dad Jokes". Today's "Fitz Files": Friends is leaving Netflix (!) and we get deets on the Game of Thrones prequel. (Spoiler Alert: Direwolves!) "The Good Stuff" features a handsome Olympic swimmer in Italy saving a drowning swimmer at the beach. It's Wednesday so we all admit how we are "All Jacked Up!" But you know what's not jacked up? Showering with our dogs - turns out we all do it. Today's Troop Salute - Art Unruh of the US Army Air Force. What should the Washington State Slogan really be? We come up with our own Brutally Honest Washington Slogans. And it's the World Premiere of our new hit song about the Romance of Ripping One: "Rockin' Toots".
01:05:07 7/10/2019
We're excited about our upcoming King County "County Wars" winning video shoot at Bothell Landing Park, and Fitz has promised the gang he will get us a hair and makeup trailer. Today's "What Are You Kidding Me" stories include a father who starts crying to get his 1-year-old daughter to stop, a family whose parrot barks along with their dogs and a family that just moved into their new home were attacked by a woman who broke in claiming to be the Devil. Brace yourself, because Tuesday is "Text the Truth" - you tell us your darkest truths and we'll share them then everyone. (Anonymously, of course, so you can really let it fly.) Then brace yourself again, 'cuz Fitz has more "Dad Jokes". Today on the "Fitz Files": "The Bachelorette" has the Hometowns Visits, but the real show is Bachelorette Hannah live Tweeting during the broadcast; also - why could Garth Brooks be the Willy Wonka of Country Music. Today's "Good Stuff"- the founders of Life is Good are donating $1 to charity every time someone posts something nice on social media with #somethinggood. A Northwest couple has hit a snag in their relationship and needs your help: today on "Make Up or Break Up", Jessie from Covington is upset because her husband Brad is secretly smoking at work even though they quit together when her dad died lung cancer. Can you tell everything about someone from just three songs on their playlist? Try your hand at "Playlist Profiling". And we had a visit from "County Wars" winner Snohomie Sam and gave him the "VIP1 Exit Interview".
01:11:00 7/9/2019
The gang is back from the long holiday weekend; Fitz hid in the mountains - what did you do? Today's "What Are You Kidding Me" stories include a guy who blew off his ear with fireworks, a burglar who broke into a house and got stuck on an inversion table, and a couple who climbed a tree to escape what they thought was a wild animal but turned out to be cars driving over a highway rumble strip?! A British grocery store's "American Food" aisle has gone viral, but we think it's missing some great American things like Velveeta and Spam; P1's chime in on what else is missing. We have the King County Winner song for winning County Wars in June and we reveal the location for shooting the winning music video at Bothell Landing Park. Today on "The Fitz Files": Cameron Boyce's family discusses his death, and did Snoop Dogg and Kurt Cobain really smoke weed together in 1992? "The Good Stuff" highlights two guys who found an injured bird and used Uber to take it to a wildlife sanctuary. Coco Gauff is tearing through Wimbledon at the age of 15. What did you achieve by 15? - Fitz, Ryder, Drew and Claire reveal our accomplishments, and then the P1's reveal theirs. What are your local "Favorite Things"? - Fitz loves the Cottage Café in Cle Elum, Claire loves the Rhododendron Garden in Federal Way, Drew loves MacLendon's Hardware, and Ryder loves Bennett's Fish Shack in Ocean Shores. Today's Troop Salute: Ashley Pearson of the Washington National Guard. We hear how the P1's "Build a Date" went for Ryder The Youngin'. The gang discusses earthquakes - Fitz has never been in one!
01:02:29 7/8/2019

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