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Senators weigh in on Trump's federal workforce executive orders

In today's Federal Newscast on Federal News Radio, 45 Democratic Senators write to President Trump to express their concern with the White House's recent trio of federal workforce executive orders on employee accountability, official time, and collective bargaining.
00:04:55 6/19/2018

Past Episodes

In today's Federal Newscast, a new study by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission highlights the trouble federal agencies are having recruiting and hiring women to law enforcement positions.
00:04:55 6/18/2018
In today's Federal Newscast, a whistleblower and the Office of Special Counsel say inspectors with the Federal Aviation Administration cleared planes for take off even though they did not have all of the needed safety information.
00:04:50 6/17/2018
In today's Federal Newscast, the Federal Acquisition Regulation Council created a new rule to enforce the Homeland Security Department's ban on the Russian cybersecurity company.
00:05:20 6/14/2018
In today's Federal Newscast, the Veterans Affairs Department publishes the ratings of its 130 community living centers.
00:03:50 6/14/2018
In today's Federal Newscast, The Interior Department's inspector general reported at least two of the nation's largest hydropower dams face a high cyber risk from insider threats.
00:04:20 6/12/2018
In today's Federal Newscast, House Democrats continued their campaign to oust Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt. This time, Pruitt is the target of a report that suggests he purposely delayed the release of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents.
00:04:20 6/11/2018
In today's Federal Newscast, National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson reports low-income Americans are still being targeted by private debt collectors hired by the IRS, despite her year-old recommendation to stop the practice.  
00:00:00 6/10/2018
In today's Federal Newscast on Federal News Radio, former Defense Secretary Ash Carter calls the idea of a separate branch of the military devoted to space is a bad idea.  Carter says creating a space force would make the domain even more separated from the military branches than it is now. "We need to head in the direction of integration, he said speaking at Mitre's 2018 Space Computing and Connected Enterprise Resiliency Conference in Massachusetts. The Defense Department under Carter tried to do that with the creation of the Joint Interagency Combined Space Operations Center, which is now called the National Defense Space Center.
00:03:27 6/7/2018
In today's Federal Newscast on Federal News Radio, after winning the four remaining protests holding up the  multiple award IT services governmentwide contract, the General Services Administration says agencies will soon be able to order IT services from the more than 60 vendors.
00:03:30 6/5/2018
In today's Federal Newscast, a bill out of the Senate would require all open recommendations from agency inspectors general that are over a year old to posted to a searchable website.
00:04:35 6/5/2018
In today's Federal Newscast on Federal News Radio, the Justice Department says a former Defense Intelligence Officer received at least $800,000 to act as an agent for the Chinese government.
00:04:55 6/4/2018
In today's Federal Newscast, the Office of Personnel Management releases guidance to help employees convert volunteer hours into credit for the CFC.
00:04:18 6/3/2018
In today's Federal Newscast, the Air Force updates its Stripes for Exceptional Performers Program used to promote those who show potential.
00:03:57 5/31/2018
In today's Federal Newscast, 18 Democratic Senators ask National Security adviser John Bolton to reconsider his decision to absorb the White House cybersecurity coordinator role into other existing positions
00:04:05 5/30/2018

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