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When he's not tooling around the National Capital region on his motorcycle, Tom Temin interviews federal executives and government contractors who provide analysis and insight on the many critical issues facing the Executive branch. The Federal Drive is found at FederalNewsRadio.com and 1500 AM in the Washington D.C. region.


What does it take to work for the IG of Afghanistan Reconstruction? Here's his answer

For a decade, the special inspector general for Afghanistan Reconstruction has been trying to keep tabs on expenditures totaling $122 billion. John Sopko has presided over production of dozens of reports and hundreds of lessons learned. From buildings that collapse at the first rain fall, to crooked contractors and Afghan security forces that seem impervious to learning, he has seen it all. He joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin for an extended interview about the outlook for SIGAR and for inspectors general in general. He also discussed the type of employee he is looking for, and whether he was what fellow IGs often say is sufficient access to the data they need to do their work.
00:18:18 4/18/2018

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It used to be called real estate. Now it is called the federal footprint. Whatever you call it, it is pretty gosh darn big ? too big, according to administration after administration. Now the General Services Administration has said agencies are slowly but surely cutting the size of their footprints. Administrator Emily Murphy said government owned 372 million square feet of office space when she first testified during her Senate nomination hearing. Now, that number sits at 371 million square feet, and GSA wants to see it go down further. Federal News Radio's Nicole Ogrysko gave more information on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.
00:06:58 4/18/2018
For the fourth year in a row, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee is pressing a package of reforms that he said will streamline and speed up the Defense Department's acquisition system. The proposal would eliminate more than 100 legal provisions and a dozen Pentagon offices. Federal News Radio's Jared Serbu shared the details on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.
00:07:53 4/18/2018
The deadline for the 2017 tax filing season just wrapped up, but the IRS is already talking about preparing for the next one. Next year they'll roll out those complicated provisions in the tax reform law Congress passed last December. Meanwhile, lawmakers are moving on a dozen bills aimed at improving taxpayer service and otherwise tinkering with the IRS. Federal News Radio's Jory Heckman has more on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.
00:07:39 4/17/2018
For nearly 250 years, postal carriers have endured the heat of day and gloom of night to get the mail delivered. They've also endured countless dog bites. It seems quaint, but nasty Fidos still plague letter and package carriers. Now USPS has deployed technology to let carriers know in advance if an address houses a dog. USPS national safety director Linda DeCarlo joins the Federal Drive with Tom Temin with details.
00:09:08 4/17/2018
Soldiers have a life after the military and the Army is trying to help make it as productive as possible. The Soldier for Life program helps soldiers transition into the civilian world, and it's coming out with some new initiatives. Federal News Radio's Scott Maucione spoke with Soldier for Life Director Col. Sam Whitehurst on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.
00:07:50 4/17/2018
In some ways, Washington is like the Emerald City. It's the ultimate seat of power and patronage. Remote leadership appears wrapped in pomp, guarded by well-dressed soldiers. If you're a federal employees out in Munchkin City, the pay and perks might be lower, but there's less bureaucracy too. And you'll probably never lay eyes on the wizard. Federal employment blogger Jeff Neal has been thinking about this, and joins the Federal Drive with Tom Temin with some insight into the tension between Washington and bureaus out in the hustings.
00:09:25 4/17/2018
Few U.S. Navy disasters resonate over decades as powerfully as that of the USS Indianapolis, which was torpedoed by Japanese forces near the end of World War II. One mystery is precisely how many men were on board the heavy cruiser for its last voyage. Now that mystery has finally been settled. Richard Hulver, an historian with the Navy History and Heritage Command, solved the Indianapolis mystery and he joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin for more information.
00:10:29 4/16/2018
The Defense Department today gave nearly every technology vendor some heavy reading for this week. It posted the highly anticipated version 2 of the draft solicitation for the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure or JEDI cloud contract. The JEDI initiative continues to create heartburn for many in the federal community with its uncertainty. In his weekly feature the Reporter's Notebook, executive editor Jason Miller wrote about how three events over two days captured the anxiety JEDI is causing. He joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin to discuss.
00:08:18 4/16/2018
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services generates terabytes of health data about millions of individuals. In general it protects the data even as it is used by external groups for a variety of purposes. But analysis by the Government Accountability Office found a hole in oversight of data security. Nick Marinos, director of cybersecurity and information management issues at the GAO, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin for more.
00:08:32 4/16/2018
For the first time in a half dozen years, the Defense Department decided not to ask Congress to allow another round of base closures in its 2019 budget. But that does not mean DoD is happy with its facility footprint. Brass still thinks they have much more real estate than they can use. But officials said it is time to find other ways to deal with the problem. Federal News Radio's Jared Serbu wrote about it in this week's edition of the DoD reporter's notebook on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.
00:08:36 4/16/2018

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