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Bud Ford and Jerry Broadway are the Good Ol' Boy Odd Couple and co-host The Bud and Broadway Show on 92.3 WIL weekdays 5am-9am. After the show, there's another show...Bud and Broadway's Extra Innings Podcast. This is where the guys sit down and talk family, life, music and more while breaking the rules, throwing out the road map, and just having fun. Bud and Broadway Extra Innings Podcast - Real Life. Real People. Real Fun.


Extra Innings

Episode 129: Top 10 Video Games of ALL Time

Business Insider put out a list of the top 50 console video games of all time. We break down the top 10 - not sure we agree with all of these.
00:21:40 7/10/2019

Past Episodes

Bud and Broadway were so excited to talk to Bob Eubanks, DJ, TV personality and game show host, best known for hosting the game show The Newlywed Game. Bob told us lots of stories about the start of the Newlywed Game and working with some big names like Dolly Parton and The Beatles. Bob will host Hollywood's Greatest Game Show at River City Casino October 4th - where you could win $1 Million!
00:16:00 7/1/2019
John Rich, of Big and Rich, is helping Folds of Honor with a concert and proceeds from his new Redneck Riviera Whiskey!
00:09:00 6/26/2019
Jordan Anderson, NASCAR Truck Series Drive, joined Bud and Broadway in studio. He talked about breaking down in MO, meeting Kenny Wallace, his Fueled by Fans campaign and more. Wish him luck this weekend!
00:09:10 6/19/2019
St. Lousian, Dan Duffy, joined us in studio to talk about his book - The Half Book: He's Taking His Ball and Going Home. He also told us about his work in radio (being on the Steve & DC Show), his outlook on life and getting a testicular cancer diagnosis.
00:35:25 6/12/2019
Every week we get together to talk about what ever we want to - long form. This week we talk about some really cool new features on cars, mushroom farming and potty training!
00:21:23 5/29/2019
Simon Pagenaud is a French professional racing driver. He currently races in the IndyCar Series with Team Penske. Simon just won the pole position for the Indy 500. He told us about that and taught us a lot about driving fast, the Indy 500 and the Bommarito Automotive Group 500 coming up in August.
00:12:50 5/22/2019
What's a good way for your kid to make some extra money? Mow the lawn? Sweep floors? When we were kids we did some interesting stuff to make extra cash!
00:15:55 5/7/2019
The Blues are in the NHL playoffs and we are overly excited! They brought the Stanley Cup by the studio yesterday though so we may have some bad mojo we need to get rid of.
00:08:00 5/1/2019
John Smith and his mother Joyce joined us in studio to talk about their new movie, Breakthrough. John survived falling through the ice in Lake St. Louis and being medically dead for over an hour. His mother called for help and God answered her prayers. This is an amazing story!
00:23:35 4/16/2019
John Ulett aka the UMan spent a few minutes with Bud and Broadway. He talked about working at KSHE since the 1970's, Cardinals in Stadium Announcing (since 1983) and even pickle-ball!
00:27:20 3/27/2019
Comedian Ryan Stout joined us in studio - this guys is FUNNY! He talked to us about not having a sense of smell, going to college and the college admissions scandal.
00:10:55 3/21/2019
Carlee Gress, a 20 year old girl from Alton IL has just joined a professional gaming team. We had questions and she had the answers.
00:27:30 3/12/2019
Michael Yo joined Bud and Broadway in studio - what a funny dude! Michael Yo, a 2-time Emmy nominee, is a stand-up comedian coming up under the wings of Chelsea Handler on "Chelsea Lately" as a recurring comedy panelist. He can be seen covering celebrity news and gossip on CBS' "The Insider" as well as guest co-hosting CBS' "The Talk," and appearing regularly as a hot topic talker on "The Wendy Williams Show." Additionally, Michael can be heard on SiriusXM as host of "Hits1 in Hollywood". The self-proclaimed "Half-Black Brother with a Korean Mother" is known in the entertainment industry as the more respectful entertainment news correspondent as he will always embarrass himself more than his interviewees.
00:11:45 2/28/2019
Justin Moore stops in the studio to talk about his pups, packing lunchables, and new music!
00:00:00 2/20/2019

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