Bud Ford and Jerry Broadway are the Good Ol' Boy Odd Couple and co-host The Bud and Broadway Show on 92.3 WIL weekdays 5am-9am. After the show, there's another show...Bud and Broadway's Extra Innings Podcast. This is where the guys sit down and talk family, life, music and more while breaking the rules, throwing out the road map, and just having fun. Bud and Broadway Extra Innings Podcast - Real Life. Real People. Real Fun.


Episode 88: Every-DANG-thang Else

The Bud and Broadway Home Team talk about everything they couldn't fit into the show. Angelina/Brad Pitt news, Martina McBride, being hangry and so much more!
00:19:00 6/12/2018

Past Episodes

Luke Combs spent a few minutes with the Bud and Broadway Home Team. He's releasing a new album, on tour with Jason Aldean and excited for the CMA Music Fest in Nashville! 
00:03:30 5/30/2018
Rodney "Rocky" Sickmann, one of the 52 Americans held for 444 days in Iran, tells his story AND explains why he is such a big supporter of Folds of Honor and Budweiser! Rocky also told us how YOU can help support Folds of Honor with Budweiser Freedom Reserve and Grey Eagle STL!
00:20:00 5/9/2018
The Bud and Broadway Home Team go through the most anticipated movies coming out this summer...and some that are not so anticipated.
00:17:20 5/2/2018
Who do we think has the best burger, fries, pizza, coffee, ice cream or chicken sandwich. We found a list and some we agree on...some are just totally off!
00:16:02 4/25/2018
The Bud and Broadway Home Team went to Las Vegas for the ACM Awards. Some of us had never been there and it for sure lived up to the hype. So many stories to tell, not enough time.
00:22:00 4/18/2018
We decided to answer random questions about different stuff we like. Anything from cars to music all the way to sunsets.
00:22:00 4/10/2018
New country artists, Krystal Keith & Lance Carpenter, stopped in studio to play us some new music...including their new single! Plus, we hear from Krystal about growing up with her Dad, Toby Keith.
00:43:40 4/4/2018
Part of the Bud and Broadway Home Team has been getting into gaming...but not everyone. The games these days are getting real!
00:16:30 3/28/2018
First of all, spoiler alert! Some of us have decided we are done with The Walking Dead, others are still in. The numbers are falling so we try and figure out where the show went wrong, or if it even did.
00:15:45 3/21/2018
New country artist, Michael Tyler, stopped by the Bud and Broadway studio to play some new music and hang out. He's a Missouri boy from a tiny town called Thayer and doing well!
00:21:40 3/14/2018

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