Now What?! with Jessica Nickson

#spillingthesecrets | Big Brother 20 Winner Kaycee Clark, Husband Cody Nickson and baby Maverick Nickson, Big Brother 21 Housemate Nick Maccarone

Let's go! (Big Brother reference) Jessica Nickson kicks off the show with a home life update with husband Cody and baby Maverick and it looks like some things are indeed too good to be true; Baby Maverick is no longer sleeping through the night and the new parents talk about the sleep regression struggles. The newlyweds also discuss how to best introduce food to their baby, review their top 5 NFL winning picks for the first official week of football season, and reveal what is really happening with their recent social media pregnancy rumors. Then starting roughly at 24 minutes in, we have Big Brother 20 winner Kaycee Clark who is spilling all the secrets on our favorite reality show. Clark is the first openly lesbian winner in the show's 20 year history. Plus BB21 housemate Nick Maccarone's answers Jessica's show strategy questions. Now What is produced in partnership with PodcastOne and The Direct Message, executive producers Crystal Fambrini and John Ryan, Jr. (Co-Founders of The Direct Message). Follow our show page on instagram @nowwhatshow.

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