The Simpsons might have gotten off on the wrong foot with 8-bit consoles, but Our Favorite Family's 16-bit debut was... kinda better? On our latest Talking Simpsons crossover episode, join Bob Mackey, Henry Gilbert, and Chris Antista as the crew gives Bart's Nightmare the Retronauts treatment.

51:10 5/6/2017

Past Episodes

Yeah, it's another Mario mailbag as our Sunshine episode received way too many listener letters to be contained in the main episode. Sam, Henry, Bob, and Jeremy offer equal time to some very different Sunshine opinions than our own
42:16 10/20/2017
Two Micro episodes combine powers to become a full episode! First, Kurt and Rob of Hardcore Gaming 101 join to discuss King of Fighters. Then, Ben and Benj follow up with a home gaming-focused counterpart to our recent arcade memories episode.
02:01:59 10/16/2017
Taking a break from our string of glowing Mario retrospectives, we have a not-so-glowing look at vintage Mario. Yeah, 2002 is vintage now. Henry Gilbert and Sam Claiborn join us to discuss what's great about Super Mario Sunshine... but mostly what's not.
01:29:04 10/9/2017
Thanks to some industrious hackers, we've recently learned that a digital version of Golf for the NES has been secretly implanted into the firmware of every Nintendo Switch as a tribute to Satoru Iwata. But how was it discovered, how can you play it, and why did Nintendo choose Golf of all games? On this disturbingly relevant episode of Retronauts Micro, host Bob Mackey and guest Henry Gilbert answer all these questions and more.
28:31 10/6/2017
It's another dive into the classic arcade works of SEGA as Ben, Benj, and Jeremy visit the years 1988, 89, and 90 and all kinds of great and interesting games like Altered Beast, Gain Ground, Galaxy Force, and more!
01:57:30 10/2/2017
Yoshi's Island hasn't been re-released in its original, unadulterated form since its 1995 debut, but the upcoming launch of the SNES Classic promises to make this platforming legend slightly more available (while supplies last). And to mark the recirculation of Nintendo's last hurrah for the Super Nintendo, we sat down for an episode-length discussion all about Yoshi's gorgeous, inventive, and somewhat polarizing adventure. On this installment of Retronauts, join Bob Mackey, Jeremy Parish, Henry Gilbert, and Gary Butterfield as the crew gushes about this 16-bit gem nearly lost to time.
01:36:03 9/25/2017
Jeremy speaks to game and computer historian David Craddock about his new book of Apple II game developer interviews, "Break Out," including David's most interesting experiences meeting the people who created video game history.
46:49 9/22/2017
Former Computer Gaming World boss Jeff Green joins Jeremy and Bob to explore the world of the Great Underground Empire, consider Zork's influence on gaming, and do their best not to be eaten by a Grue.
01:41:33 9/18/2017
Jeremy, Ben, and Benj reminisce about the experience of living through the golden age of arcades, with many additional memories coming in the form of an hour-long listener mailbag segment.
01:59:45 9/11/2017
With the recent release of Mario + Raving Rabbids, and with Super Mario Odyssey's launch lurking just a few months away, we're currently undergoing a sort of Mario Madnessmuch like the same outbreak that attacked several million children back in '88. To celebrate this resurgence in all things Mario, join Retronauts' own Bob Mackey and special guest/Mushroom Kingdom expert Henry Gilbert as the two field questions and comments from Retronauts listeners about games involving Nintendo's mustachioed mascot. Let's-a go!
01:09:57 9/8/2017

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