ChangeMakers (AUS)

Placing yourself in harm's way is powerful but scary. Often it is fueled by the white-hot anger of knowing that you're on the side of justice, and yet failing to make the change you need. This is a two-part exploration of times when direct action was used to confront an overwhelming force. Part one looks at the remarkable #FeesMustFall student movement in South Africa, that all started when someone threw poo at a statue.

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ChangeMakers (AUS)
00:33:12 10/22/2017

Past Episodes

Social media abuse tries to shut people down, and is frighteningly common for women and people of colour. Host Amanda Tattersall discusses with social activist Tanning Onus Williams the story of how Amnesty decided to map twitter and see if it could stop it.
00:41:20 6/10/2019
In Australia it’s hard for newly arrived refugees to find a new job. In 2011, Settlement Services International found a way for refugees to create businesses for themselves - by using the marketplace as a changemaker. Host Host Amanda Tattersall speaks refugee Ed Yousif. 
00:38:09 6/10/2019
In late 2018 thousands of people from across Central America walked North to the border of the USA and into the political maelstrom of the midterm elections. How did they organise themselves and what did they achieve?
00:48:18 6/10/2019
We have radical challenges like climate change and inequality but not many radical political leaders. What does it take to find and elect leaders like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez? Becky Bond was one of the Field Directors for the Bernie Sanders campaign and she shares her experience of combining radical agendas and political parties.
00:40:33 3/31/2019
Do you wish politicians would spill the beans on how politics actually works? Then this chat is for you. Topics range from Your Rights at Work, the ALP and the Adani mine.
00:50:38 3/7/2019
Can universities be change makers? Marc Stears has not only been a Professor at Oxford but a leading figure in the UK Labour Party under Ed Miliband. He shares what he has learnt about transitioning across the university-practitioner divide in the pursuit of social impact, and his new role as Director of Sydney Policy Lab.
00:39:10 2/19/2019
Can squatters ever hope to become land owners? An inspiring story from Thailand shows what it takes for poor people to rebuild the city around them.
00:37:15 12/1/2018
How do we overcome chronic long term homelessness? On this episode we look at one campaign which decided to set an absurdly ambitious goal to try and solve the homelessness problem.
00:28:34 12/1/2018
What is a church doing running a facility where illegal drugs can be used openly? And why?
00:48:27 12/1/2018
The road to marriage equality in Australia was filled with dirty tricks and homophobia. How did the LGBTI community build a movement strong enough to overcome it all?
00:48:09 10/26/2018

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