Birth, Baby & Beyond (AUS)

Brottle Feeding (The battle of breast and bottle) - Madeleine Morris

Breast versus formula - it's one of the most politicised aspects of having children and it's often a confusing, challenging and anxious topic for new parents. While you may have the intention of exclusively breast feeding, "..not all women do and not all women can".

Madeleine Morris is a journalist, author of parenting guide Guilt-Free Bottle-Feeding and an advocate for 'Fed is Best'. Madeleine joins Midwife Cath in an informative and robust conversation on the history and politics surrounding breast and bottle feeding, her own experience formula feeding her two daughters, the myths and pressures for new mothers along with analytical data surrounding bottle feeding. A must listen to for new and expectant parents on how you can make sense of all the noise out in the community.

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Birth, Baby & Beyond (AUS)
00:44:45 1/3/2018

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