Yo, Taylor, I'm Really Happy For You, I'ma Let You Finish w/ Cola & John John - Back to Reality

Host Nakia Monet and Howard the Third chat about Taylor swift and her beyonce performance, The death of John Singleton, Uber using the N word , breaking down the latest on news and gossip and reading your favorite celebrities social media post. Also, Cola and Jon Jon from WETV's hit show "hustle and soul" will be joining us BHL's Back To Reality brings you to the latest gossip news and updates on reality television, it's stars, and everything in between! Tune in each week to stay up to date with the world of Reality Television and make sure you rate, comment, and subscribe on YouTube and Apple Podcasts! Follow Nakia Monet on Twitter: @KeykeyBoomBoom Follow Howard the 3rd on Twitter: @Howardthe3rd Make sure to subscribe to BHL! - http://youtube.com/blackhollywoodlive

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