City vs. Country

Yer-In Car Trouble?

Robert from Sumner is a cable installation technician for a "major cable company". He's looking to meet some new people in the area. He meets City Girl Trish from Tacoma and Country Girl Lisa from Maple Valley. Lisa says she has a 1965 mustang convertible that she likes to drive on weekends and invites Robert to come along for a day trip along the North Cascades Highway. She might even let him drive it! City Girl Trish suggests going to the Tacoma Food Truck Festival where they can chat and try different foods and people-watch. And she says if Robert really likes classic cars, there is also a classic car show this weekend where they can walk around and check them out. Things get a little weird when Robert starts asking them random questions about themselves....he seems awfully obsessed with grilled cheese. But he did choose one of the ladies and they did go on the date - although it ended up with an unexpected adventure.

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