The Perez Hilton Podcast with Chris Booker

The Biebs is getting hitched.. will it last? Are Ariana and Pete already cooling off? A major pop power couple has split. And, how is Kylie doing so far as a parent? ??? Thanks to our sponsor: Daily Harvest: Go to and enter promo code PEREZ to get three cups FREE in your first box! ??? Follow us on social: @PerezPodcast via Knit

The Perez Hilton Podcast with Chris Booker
00:45:06 7/10/2018

Past Episodes

#Free Britney has taken over online, and we get to the bottom of it. MJ's kids have lawyer'd up. Even more drama for Wendy Williams. Kim K wants to be a lawyer. Taylor is back!
01:05:00 4/23/2019
Ariana got NSYNC back together, sorta. Khloe might be leaving the door open for Tristan. Angelina may have found a new Hollywood boyfriend. Wendy Williams is sporting some fresh egg on her face. And, has Perez literally found his Prince?
00:56:00 4/15/2019
Our first live show from the iconic Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip. Perez stumbles into to a new controversy. We talk about Britney and discuss the "new Britney." A lot of news about the Brits. And details on our next live appearance in Vegas!
00:55:00 4/8/2019
P!NK is wrapped up in a bit of controversy over some nude photos. Which side does Jada Pinkett Smith land on after her exclusive Jordyn Woods interview? Kanye has some new problems with the law. And, a college admission scandal update.
00:49:11 4/2/2019
Is it wrong for Perez to wish awful things to happen to the Kardashian's? Michael Jackson has a new defender. Has Wendy Williams lost all credibility with her fans? Details on our live show in VEGAS!
01:45:00 3/25/2019
Paris Jackson had an "incident" while the Finding Neverland documentary becomes an even bigger story. Is John Stamos a true friend to his now ex-co-star Lori Loughlin and an update on that whole scandal. Mama June has found some new trouble. And, we're adding ANOTHER SHOW to our Podcast Tour.
00:55:00 3/19/2019
It only took a day to ruin the J-Lo/A-Rod wedding announcement. What's next for Jordyn after her moment in the sun? More trouble for R. Kelly, however a new star has emerged from his scandal. J-Bros are back!
00:55:00 3/11/2019
Jordyn vs. Khloe, who is fibbin' and who is playing the victim, and does it even matter? The Kardashian's did manage to make one large mistake while unfolding their soap opera. Ed Sheeran got married and one of his famous friends was conspicuously missing. Dishing love to Selma Blair. And, we announce the details of our first live podcast and how you can join us.
01:05:00 3/4/2019
Do you think Bradley and Gaga have a secret thing? Is Khloe partly to blame for the situation between her and Tristan? Ariana breaks a old record, sorta. The Chicago PD has been really busy taking out the Hollywood trash!
00:59:00 2/25/2019
Was the Empire actor Jussie Smollett attacked or was it all staged? Alert the NBA, Khloe may be single again. Cardi tried to pull one over on the masses, but did it work? Katy has new music out with Zedd and we give our thoughts.
00:46:00 2/19/2019

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