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What's Working in Washington - Ep 73 Non-profits learning from entrepreneurs - Russell Snyder

Local non-profit organizations have tapped into lessons learned from entrepreneurs to survive recent political changes, said the president and CEO of Volunteers of America Chesapeake.


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The founder and CEO of the local lifestyle brand and community blog Girls Night In wanted to help "boss women to celebrate staying in instead of going out."
07:52 7/21/2017
Thanks to technology, many new developments improve the lives of people with disabilities, yet many organizations are still working to give wider access to these breakthroughs.
08:16 7/19/2017
The D.C. region's economic growth is slowing down, but not reversing just yet, according to a report by George Mason Universitys Steven S. Fuller Institute.
08:44 7/17/2017
What's Working in Washington - July 17, 2017 Full show
28:00 7/17/2017
Through constant discussions on how to grow the D.C. region's economy, the answer may be directly in front of us, said Bob Sweeney, managing director of the Global Cities Initiative.
08:55 7/14/2017
Pamela Sorensen, an experienced founder of the Pamela's Punch blog, has mastered the career pivot.
08:12 7/12/2017
Chairman and CEO Ron Paul said EagleBank's success has always been tied to growing and managing business relationships.
08:44 7/10/2017
What's Working in Washington - July 10, 2017 Full show featuring Ron Paul, Pamela Sorensen and Bob Sweeney
28:00 7/10/2017
June 26, 2017 EXTRA: True Costs to Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

For this week's Extra episode, Whats Working in Washington sat down with three of the area's top experts on cybersecurity and hacking to see what needs to be done to protect your business.

Andres Franzetti, chief strategy officer and founding member of the Risk Cooperative, Richard Levick, the founder and CEO of LEVICK, and Brian Finch, partner of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman spoke about the true impact of hacking, collateral damage, the integrity of information, and the real costs of cybersecurity.
28:00 7/2/2017
Selling a small business can be an extremely difficult process for entrepreneurs. The financial hoops and legal terms can be foreign at first and require time for company leaders to understand a process that can get drawn out.
08:02 6/30/2017

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