What's Working in Washington

What's Working in Washington - Ep 326 - How one company is gamifying charitable donations - Rob Sobhani

Rob Sobhani, sounder and CEO of Sparo, discusses how his company uses gamification techniques to drive people to donate to their favorite charities.

What's Working in Washington
00:08:34 3/28/2019

Past Episodes

Dave Baule, CEO of MISO3, discusses his company's solution to mounting monthly software-as-a-service costs by organizing company software use and notifying higher-ups about underused utilities.
00:08:08 8/15/2019
Mark Bergel, Ph.D., founder and CEO at A Wider Circle, discusses how his non-profit works through an entrepreneurial approach to help over 26,000 people in poverty in the D.C. region.
00:08:30 8/13/2019
Frances Reimers, personal brand expert and principal at Firestarter Communications, discusses why summer is the perfect time to re-tune your brand to improve perception.
00:10:08 8/11/2019
Michael Hoffman, president of GovernmentCIO Media, discusses the results of an upcoming survey on sentiment for technology consumers in the region, as well as how companies are scrambling to take advantage of Amazon's HQ2 plans.
00:10:37 8/1/2019
Lisa Gable, CEO of Food Allergy Research and Education, discusses the strides FARE is making in research, and how the not-for-profit works with businesses and the government to make progress.
00:08:16 7/30/2019
John Cofrancesco, VP of businesss development at Active Navigation, discusses some of the things going well in Washington, like the recent work to unify government agencies under similar NIST information standards.
00:08:51 7/28/2019
Kestrel Linder, co-founder and CEO at GiveCampus, discusses his views on the startup economy in D.C. as well as what his company is doing to help fund the regions' schools.
00:09:03 7/18/2019
Howard Ross, founder of Cook Ross and partner at Udarta consulting, discusses why unconscious and conscious biases aren't just wrong, but also major disadvantages when it comes to hiring and working with talent and other businesses.
00:09:08 7/16/2019
Two things in life are inevitable: death and taxes. To learn more about how to make at least the latter a little easier, we spoke with Ebong Eka, entrepreneur and tax expert as well as president of Ericorp Consulting.
00:11:00 7/14/2019
Mary Robinson, entrepreneur and founder of Capacity Partners; and Shannon White, partner at Guidehouse, discuss the various ways that companies and corporations can be a net positive for the communities, and have a purpose and aim beyond just making a profit.
00:28:04 7/7/2019

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