What's Working in Washington

What's Working in Washington - Ep 27 Animal rescue group follows best business practices

A smooth merger, respectable cause and being centered in the nation's capital have helped the Humane Rescue Alliance become a model for success in not-for-profits in the region.


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The opportunity to do business overseas can create thousands of jobs for an economy and many for business. In the current environment, sometimes people scratch their head and wonder: Is this still a good time to do international business? Joshua Walker is the head of Global Strategic Initiatives with The Eurasia Group. Hes a diplomatic expert in international trade and business.
09:05 1/17/2018
Chuck Brooks was recently named by LinkedIn as one of the top five people to follow in cybersecurity issues among their 500 million members
08:52 1/15/2018
UPIC Health founder Mary Tucker carries three mantras: be happy, be awesome, and help others with becoming one and two.
08:44 1/12/2018
One of the best-known and constant voices traveling the airways in the D.C. region is the host of the Federal Drive with Tom Temin.
07:55 1/10/2018
Exciting emerging technologies are in the fields of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), according to Sam Sabin of DC Inno.
07:12 1/7/2018
Mark Walsh, former head of the Office of Innovation and Investment at the Small Business Administration shares his predictions on 2018. Walsh is a local angel investor and one of the pioneers of the modern internet.
28:00 1/1/2018
Topics include the investment donut hole, D.C.s seed-stage investor ecosystem, forging your own personal connections, and the changing D.C. market.
28:00 12/18/2017
The region has a wealth of innovators and inventors. In both private and federal labs, it's easy to imagine thousands of fantastic inventions ready to be part of the next big company, but the transition isn't always easy, and not all inventions are created equal.
08:12 12/15/2017
Fosterly is once again conducting a startup census, with a form that is now easier to use, according to Adam Zuckerman, founder of Fosterly.

Fosterly collaborated with research experts from Virginia Tech to increase the scientific rigor of the 2017 census. The census report is a collaborative effort with commentary and analysis provided by some of our region's leading subject matter experts.
07:56 12/13/2017
Ross Baird, founder of Village Capital, believes that venture capital isn't doing a good job of getting new ideas to society.

In his new book, The Innovation Blind Spot, Baird explains that the industry could do more to spur innovation.
08:51 12/11/2017

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