What's Working in Washington

What's Working in Washington - Ep 117 Lessons in selling - Kevin DeSanto

Selling a small business can be an extremely difficult process for entrepreneurs. The financial hoops and legal terms can be foreign at first and require time for company leaders to understand a process that can get drawn out.

00:08:02 6/30/2017

Past Episodes

On this episode, we talk to Robert Brooke, director of federal funding programs at the Virginia Center for Innovative Technology, about the federal government's Small Business Innovative Research program. Brooke explains how SBIR is designed to fund startups that are creating new and untested technologies, while letting the company retain commercialization rights.
00:08:31 4/19/2018
Today, we spoke to Mary Beth Borgwing, co-chair of Uniting Women in Cyber, and founder of Standish Cyber Corporation, to discuss how the D.C. region can serve as a great landing pad for up-and-coming cyber startups. It's great to be close to the federal government and the source of regulations, but there's still some work to be done to make it home for the cyber industry.
00:09:58 4/17/2018
Denise Keane, former board member of Altria and current board member of DirectWomen, discusses how diversity of background and opinion can make boards of directors more responsible and proactive, for the good of both their company and the general population.
00:09:37 4/15/2018
For today's EXTRA episode, we talk to Jeff Gallagher, CEO of Virginia Biotechnology Association, and Richard Bendis, president & CEO of BioHealth Innovation Incorporated.They discuss how the D.C. region is a perfect home for the biohealth industry, and what impact this industry can have on the region in the coming years.
00:28:03 4/8/2018
Harry Klaff, managing director at JLL, stops by to discuss the opportunity that trade groups have to affect significant change in the D.C. region. Specifically, the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce and the MetroNow Coalition have taken huge steps in making the area better for communities and companies alike.
00:09:36 4/5/2018
David Cetlin, founder and CEO of MockV Solutions, discusses the skills he had to develop when he fell into his entrepreneurship journey. Cetlin explains how biotechnology and entrepreneurship go hand in hand, especially in the D.C. region.
00:10:18 4/3/2018
John Funge, chief product officer at startup incubator and venture capital firm DataTribe, discusses the main, inherent differences in product- and service-oriented businesses, and how the D.C. region can be a great opportunity for both to thrive.
00:10:51 4/1/2018
Steven Partridge, vice president of workforce and economic development at the Northern Virginia Community College, discusses how education in D.C. is closing the mismatch between the skills schools teach and the skills employers need.
00:10:03 3/29/2018
Pamela Clark, founder of web design service Clark Concepts, explains the best ways for small business owners to dip their toes into digital marketing, through their own website and social media. Clark recommends having a website and knowing your audience as the first and foremost tips to having a solid presence online.
00:10:24 3/27/2018
Mid-Atlantic general manager for Lyft, Stephen Taylor, discusses how his experience as a pilot for the Navy, and as an angel investor, prepared him for entrepreneurship. Taylor explains that sometimes, being an entrepreneur doesn't mean starting from scratch.
00:09:53 3/25/2018

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