Global Truths with Dr Keith Suter (AUS)

The EU has warned Trump that his recent announcement to walk away from a longstanding disarmament deal with Russia, could cause a nuclear arms race between the Cold War states. Dr Keith Suter explains why the US wants to break from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), how Russia is reacting to the news and why neither side can afford to go ahead with a dramatic increase in military expenditure.

Global Truths with Dr Keith Suter (AUS)
00:19:44 10/31/2018

Past Episodes

Has the West lost the plot? Dr Keith Suter explains the decline of the so-called Western, Educated, Industrialised, Rich and Democratic world and what it means for the future of countries like Australia.
00:19:53 5/23/2019
As Trump embraces a nuclear arms race, Dr Keith Suter explains how the development of a global peace economy could create the political will to end it.
00:16:44 5/16/2019
The one-child policy domino effect. Dr Keith Suter lays out the many social challenges China is currently facing, despite being seen as an economic powerhouse.
00:19:09 5/9/2019
Japan is an ageing society and somehow, they need to fill the void. Dr Keith Suter discusses how the government is implementing Japan 5.0, a program designed to encourage the population to embrace the use of robotics and what it means for the future.
00:18:37 5/2/2019
Since Trump came into office, we've seen a revival of a psychological theory about people being, well, stupid. Dr Keith Suter looks at the "Dunning-Kruger" effect and how it applies to the current President of the United States.
00:18:12 4/25/2019
Dr Keith Suter discusses why the world is moving away from integrated capitalism and towards police states, heightened geo-political tensions between the great powers and the resurgence of populism.
00:16:02 4/18/2019
Will we save the planet from climate change? Dr Keith Suter sheds light on what needs to be done to achieve sustainable development goals, whether we're likely to meet them and what the consequences could be if we don't.
00:22:03 4/11/2019
Trump is a master of fear - but he's not alone. Dr Keith Suter explains how fear is used in politics in the US and around the world to gain control of a country's narrative and population.
00:18:50 4/4/2019
Trump is talking about the collapse of the Islamic State in Syria - but is that true? Dr Keith Suter takes a deep dive into how ISIS was formed and how just active the extremist group really is today.
00:20:01 3/28/2019
In the wake of the tragic Christchurch attacks, Dr Keith Suter discusses the alarming rise of right-wing terrorism in Australia and across the world - and whether we should be surprised.
00:18:15 3/21/2019

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