Starving for Attention with Richard Blais

Restaurateur and branding genius David Burke gives Richard some tips on turning your name into a brand when it comes to working with food.

Starving for Attention with Richard Blais
01:22:33 10/9/2017

Past Episodes

Richard and Jazmin catch up with two members of "Trashfish" Chefs Silvia Barban and Gerald Sombright from Top Chef season 14 at the Pebble Beach Food and Wine event. After kicking it off talking about the growing trend of caviar bumps in the intro, Richard and Jazmin inquire about the unofficial group name and the camaraderie Silva and Gerald helped create with their cast-mates on season 14. The resurgence of Ripe or Hype lets us know if Chefs Barban and Sombright cook the same at home as they do at work. Remember to join us on social @Starving4Pod!
01:23:07 4/16/2019
Richard catches up with celebrity chef, restaurateur, and tv personality Maneet Chauhan in Nashville! Join in the fun as Maneet talks about the changes in her diet that have helped her get healthier, they Chop it up about her experiences judging tv cooking competitions, and Maneet shares the joys and struggles of balancing the demanding schedule of a celebrity chef with the demands of being a mother. Remember to join us on social @Starving4Pod!
01:10:36 4/9/2019
Richard hangs out with Chef Chris Bianco who preaches about how he stuck to a narrow lane to become a master pizza maker, Chris talks about the shock of learning the politics of food when he started in the business, and we find out who his preferred collaborators are in a game called, "Chris Bianco and CO." Remember to join us on social @Starving4Pod!
01:06:20 4/2/2019
On this episode Richard hangs out with 2 of the 5 founders of the Jackson Hole Food and Wine festivals, Megan Gallagher & Haynes Oakley! Richard has fun asking the ladies to rate the difficulty level of handling the events and personalities at the festival like a piste, we find out how common it is to walk into someone else's house in Jackson Hole, and the tables are turned as Richard becomes the interviewee! Remember to join us on social @Starving4Pod!
00:58:17 3/26/2019
Richard hangs out with legend of the food world restaurateur Drew Nieporent at the Jackson Hole Food and Wine Winterfest. Listen in as Drew shares his insight from years as a successful restaurateur and traveling to events, Richard and Drew exchange stories about meeting comedian Jerry Seinfeld, and Drew even talks about working with Robert De Niro. Remember to join us on social @Starving4Pod!
01:17:11 3/19/2019
In the introduction Richard takes a moment to button up last week's topic before things get crazy when Richard and Jazmin are joined in a jam packed studio with Chefs Esdras Ochoa, Antonia Lofaso and Aarti Sequeira. Listen in as Antonia explains the meaning behind the term Sancho, finding the right ingredients for Esdras' new restaurant in Mumbai India, and as Taco King Esdras presides over the joint efforts of the room to build a "unique" taco. Remember to join us on social @Starving4Pod!
01:05:00 3/12/2019
Richard and Jazmin take a look at the events leading up to the dispute between Iron Chef Cat Cora and Alinea that resulted in her flipping off the staff, Richard and Jazmin each give their perspective on the misunderstanding along with the subsequent social media fall out, and in the end find the very social media post they've discussed taken down. Remember to join us on our own social @Starving4pod!
00:45:00 3/5/2019
Richard and Jazmin are joined by friend and regular contributor Aarti Sequeira to interview co-founder of Coolhaus Natasha Case. Join in the fun as Natasha's love for basketball leads to a conversation about their various run ins with Shaq, Natasha shares how her background in architecture lead her to making ice cream sandwiches, and find out which of Natasha's ice cream flavors blows Richard's mind! Don't forget to join us @Starving4pod!
01:07:00 2/26/2019
Richard and Jazmin chop it up with Chef Hugh Acheson before the Super Bowl. Before the interview Richard has a great idea for some merch, then Hugh shares his feelings on competition shows having been on both sides himself, and how despite hailing from Canada Hugh's favorite sport is not Hockey. Remember to join us @Starving4pod! Green Chef - Check out to get $50 off your first box!
01:09:00 2/19/2019
Richard and Jazmin hang out with Chef Beau "BeauMac" MacMillan in Atlanta before Superbowl 53. Beau talks about having made Arizona his home for 20+ years, his love for the hospitality side of the job, and makes a BIG announcement!
01:00:00 2/12/2019

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