Starving for Attention with Richard Blais

Restaurateur and branding genius David Burke gives Richard some tips on turning your name into a brand when it comes to working with food.

01:22:33 10/9/2017

Past Episodes

Richard and Jazmin sit down with honorary co-host Aarti Sequeira and the self-proclaimed Don of Food Network producers Hugo Sanchez. Listen in as they talk about everything Hugo deals with behind the scenes, what typecasts they use for chefs, and answer questions from fans like you. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
01:12:00 8/14/2018
Richard catches up with Chef Grant Achatz in his Three Michelin star restaurant Alinea. Listen in as Richard recalls working under Grant at The French Laundry in the 90's, discuss outlets for their creativity, and reveal some of the ways they get to know their staff. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
01:21:00 8/7/2018
Richard, Jazmin, and special co-host Aarti Sequeira sit down with Chef Sang Yoon to talk hockey, hot dog machine guns, and have their first mukbang session on the podcast. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
01:17:00 7/31/2018
Richard and Jazmin play a rousing game of Would you rather? with Simon Majumdar. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
00:08:10 7/27/2018
Richard and Jazmin welcome Candice Kumai into their home to discuss her new book "Kintsugi Wellness" and her Japanese heritage that informed and inspired it, Candice's experience on the first season of Top Chef, and we find out if Candice can diss. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
01:22:00 7/24/2018
Richard premieres Ripe of Hype to the world with Alon Shaya and Aart Sequeira. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
00:11:00 7/20/2018
Richard and Jazmin cap off the Aspen Food and Wine classic with Ezra and Adeev Potash, hosts of Bravo's Beats and Bites as well as Chef Elizabeth Falkner. Listen in as they discuss crossing their passions for performance with food, Elizabeth breaks down her croquembouche Samurai installation, and the art of collaboration. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
01:25:00 7/17/2018
Richard plays Marinate Schuck or Grill with Gail Simmons. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
00:04:00 7/13/2018
Richard and Jazmin catch up with Chef Rocco DiSpirito at the Food and Wine Classic in Aspen to talk about his show The Restaurant, the changing expectations for chefs in the time since the show, and getting on board with healthy living. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
01:07:00 7/10/2018
Richard and Jazmin play a special Aussie edition of Scarf or Barf? with Austrailian celebrity chef Curtis Stone. Remember to join us at @starving4pod on Instagram!
00:06:00 7/6/2018

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