The Big Podcast With Shaq

Shaq talks about Antonio Brown, pranks calls Papa Johns executives and plays a round of Zero-to-Political on The Big Podcast with Shaq

Shaquille O'Neal is back in the studio, and we somehow open the show with the story about Hasbro toys buying Death Row records, and Shaq loves it. We also get to a number of great topics in a round of Jump Ball - including Antonio Brown vs Julio Jones, the new Joker movie, pumpkin spice and much more. Shaq also puts Rob up to prank calling the head of diversity and inclusion for Papa Johns in an epic Shaqcast prank call. Of course we get Borderline, and Shaq and Kincade duke it out in a round of Zero-to-Political. Follow the show on Twitter @Shaqcast - on Instagram and Facebook @TheBigPodcastWithShaq - or email your best questions, topics or Borderlines to

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