Riggle's Picks with Rob Riggle & Sarah Tiana

Rob, Chan & Bennett Webber are back in studio for this week's podcast and the open with some wild speculation about where Sarah Tiana is this week before turning their attention to Bennett's current work writing on next week's ESPY Awards. We also get into some Kansas City Royals news, an update on the evolving World Cup and Bennett's Angry Movie Reviews returns with a critique of Solo. They also take some listener questions on topics including the merits of college football vs the NFL, the outcome of a fight between Jesus & Superman, and more.

Riggle's Picks with Rob Riggle & Sarah Tiana
00:51:19 7/12/2018

Past Episodes

Rob, Sarah & Chan are back together and open the show talking about the dominance of the Kansas Jayhawks basketball team as well as the intricacies of having a vasectomy. The gang then turns to Chan and get into some current events including a man hiding in a stranger's closet wearing her clothes, shenanigans at the House Of Beef and an unrelated steak sauce assault. Later the conversation turns to North Carolina where an enterprising gentlemen was discovered to be running a questionable business and Sarah shares that she has similarly shrewd family members. As the show wraps up Sarah also helps Rob understand why a popular Barstool personality was in some hot water at various Super Bowl events.
00:45:00 2/15/2019
Rob, Sarah & Chan discuss their impending trip to Las Vegas to celebrate our good friend Bennett Webber's bachelor party as well as what they each did for the Super Bowl. After Sarah makes everyone hungry listing off the awesome food she had at her party they discuss some of the controversial calls in the weeks since they last recorded and propose some of their ideas for ways to make the game more fair, exciting and compelling. Rob also talks about his great experience at Royals' Fantasy Baseball camp and the nicknames and injuries collected during the week. They also touch on the potential trade that the Lakers are trying to make to acquire Anthony Davis from the Pelicans and the inherent differences between player power in the NBA vs. in the NFL.
00:54:00 2/7/2019
Rob & Sarah open the show with some important news for the listeners before speculating a bit on the future of politics in the United States. The guys then turn to the news and hear about a scooter operator who may just be our inaugural nominee for the 2019 North American Turd Awards. The guys also discuss a few unique crowd funding campaigns and the pros & cons of Home Owners Associations. We also hear about an innovative new product brought to us by one of the big box stores that is flying off the shelves and a diet cheat day gone horribly wrong.
00:44:00 1/31/2019
With Rob traveling in Iceland the guys have fun trying (and failing) to predict who will be in the Super Bowl, also recapping the Divisional round and the future of dynamic players like Patrick Mahomes & Nick Foles. The gang also discuss the etiquette for farting in a variety of scenarios as well as its comedic timing and the phenomena of the 'Forbidden Laugh'. Sarah closes out the show with a harrowing tale from her recent trip to Tahoe.
00:45:00 1/24/2019
Rob and Sarah open the show with some theoretical NFL playoff discussions as well as a confession. Sarah and Rob also ask producer Chandler about her trip home to Alabama with her boyfriend and Chandler shares some of the experiences she had with her California born boyfriend's first experience in the south. They then turn to some news stories including a gentlemen with an interesting relationship to a doorbell, how a foot lover helped debunk a fake photo and everyone gives their biggest pet peeves.
00:47:00 1/17/2019
Rob & Sarah reunite after the 2018 North American Turd Awards to recap their holiday seasons including Rob's abundance of crock pot foods and Sarah's Icelandic adventure. The conversation then turns to the NFL and of course some heavy analysis of Rob's Chiefs and how he feels about their playoff potential starting with this week in their game against the Colts. They also discuss the other playoff games to come this weekend including some disagreements in predictions. As the show wraps up we take some listener questions. Please Support Our Sponsors: Use promo code RIGGLE at ArtofSport.com and get 50% off a Trial Kit + Free Shipping
00:54:00 1/10/2019
Rob & Sarah are joined by friends of the show Chris Pizzi and Bennett Webber as we go through the 2018 North American Turd Awards.
01:06:00 1/3/2019
Rob and Sarah open the post Christmas show talking about the recent performance of Rob's Chiefs before they get in to some current events, including Charles Barkley's comments on Steph Curry and Steph's recent reaction to his comments on the moon landing. They also discuss the inception of the impending North American Turd Awards and turn to some current events including the lifting of a ban on nunchucks, and some Nicholas Cage thoughts, including Chandler's incorrect thoughts on the topic. Visit Hair Club.com/RIGGLE today and learn why you'll love the club
00:56:00 12/27/2018
Rob and Sarah open the show discussing the whereabouts of Chandler and the Hot D she's off taking, Sarah's recent craft night featuring hilarious wreath making and copious amounts of alcohol. They also touch on Rob's angry love of crock pot foods and the recent controversy regarding the Oscars hosting job and everyone being offended by everything. They also cover some current events including a emergency line call about an actor's retiring, a fugitive who turned himself in with a very interesting twist and a cancelled baby shower over relating to the name of the baby in question. Please Support Our Sponsors: Betonline.AG your online sportsbook experts and the exclusive partner of the PodcastOne SportsNet... Use Promocode: PODCASTONE. To receive the 50% Sign up Bonus!
00:00:00 12/20/2018
Rob & Sarah are back in studio and open the show discussing the idea of Santa and when is the right time to tell children. The guys also discuss week 14 in the NFL and look ahead at week 15 and what's to come in the playoffs including the craziness going on at quarterback in Washington DC. They also take some listener questions and get into Steph Curry's assertation that human beings have never travelled to the moon. Please Support Our Sponsors: Betonline.AG your online sportsbook experts and the exclusive partner of the PodcastOne SportsNet... Use Promocode: PODCASTONE. To receive the 50% Sign up Bonus! Visit Blue Chew.com and get your first order free when you use promo code RIGGLE
00:46:00 12/13/2018

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