The Turn

1:00 - The Year of Unlikely Champions 1:15 - MicDrops - What Would You Do if You Had One Day With The Cup? 1:30 - MicDrops 1:45 - MicDrops

The Turn
00:36:37 6/14/2019

Past Episodes

Cards Win Third Straight, Shutout Pirates, 7-0 Tyler O'Neill to the rescue? Would Cards be open to trading O'Neill or Carlos Martinez? Better Bet
00:38:09 7/15/2019
Cards Mic Drop - Is there a move you would like to see the Cardinals make at the deadline? It could be for a specific player or just a position. Or, it could be seeing the Cardinals trade one of their current players. Mark Saxon - The Athletic - @Markasaxon Ask the Turn Crossover
00:41:31 7/15/2019

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