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The Social Media Mob Attacks Covington Catholic Students, Trump Offers Compromise As Shutdown Continues, and Outrageous NFL Officiating

Laura and Raymond discuss the social media mob's latest victim - Covington Catholic High School students - with guest Tammy Bruce. Byron York also joins to dish on the government shutdown and Buzzfeed's fake news report. Plus, a former New Orleans Saints lineman gives his take on one of the worst no-calls in the history of the NFL.

The Laura Ingraham Podcast
01:35:00 1/22/2019

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It's a case nightmares are made of. We've got your sneak peek into the new true-crime series, 22 Hours: An American Nightmare. It's the frightening story of a D.C. power couple, their 10-year-old son, and housekeeper who were held hostage, tortured, and brutally murdered inside their burning D.C. mansion. You won't believe what happened during those last 22 hours alive, and the shocking trail of evidence that led police to the killer! Did he have help? Hear from key witnesses who reveal never-before heard details. Will this investigation lead to the release of newly-discovered and confidential audio recordings so the public can hear the trial for the first time ever? Listen to the first episode now:

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00:10:37 6/14/2019
The media is at it again with their latest freakout over Trump's interview with George Stephanopoulos. Brent Bozell joins Laura to discuss his new book, and reveals who belongs in the Media Bias Hall of Shame. Plus, Dr. Lisa Strohman, a clinical psychologist specializing in online addiction, exposes dangers lurking online, and how you can protect your kids.
00:52:00 6/13/2019
From "drag queen story hour" at libraries to teaching transgenderism in schools, the Left has been on the cultural warpath to gender bend our kids into submission. President of the Catholic League Bill Donohue joins Laura to discuss the Catholic Church's recent document opposing gender ideology, and reveals what's behind this cultural movement. Walt Heyer, an ex-transgender man who helps people deal with their gender dysphoria, tells his story, and warns of the dangers behind accepting this movement. Plus, we hear from the hosts of the new podcast 22 Hour: And American Nightmare .
01:03:00 6/12/2019
The migrant crisis continues to worsen as Congress, and specifically the Democrats, neglect passing any legislation that will secure our borders and stop the flow of smugglers and traffickers into our country. Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and Del Rio Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz join Laura to discuss what they've observed on the border, and reveal what must be done to keep America safe.
00:55:30 6/11/2019
On the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, Sen. Tom Cotton, Craig Shirley, and Raymond Geddes, one of the paratroopers who stormed the beaches of Normandy that day, join Laura to reflect on the sacrifice of the brave men who gave their lives to defeat tyranny and defend freedom.
00:59:00 6/6/2019
On today's Best Of The Laura Ingraham Podcast, Charlie Kirk explains how conservatives can win over young voters in 2020, Fr. Benedict Kiely reveals the truth about Christian genocide in the Middle East, and Conrad Black stops by to discuss his conversation with Trump, and the implosion of the globalist guard here, in the UK and across Europe.
01:07:00 6/5/2019
On today's Best Of The Laura Ingraham Podcast, Bret Easton Ellis joins Laura to discuss how Trump is driving Democrats to self-sabotage and why Trump will be re-elected. Plus, Stephen Auth, prominent investor and author of the new book The Missionary of Wall Street, joins Laura to discuss how charity isn't just about giving away money; it's about saving souls.
01:05:00 6/4/2019
The Left calls for more censorship of conservatives in response to an edited video mocking Nancy Pelosi. Michelle Malkin joins Laura to expose the latest efforts of social media to silence conservatives, and explains how to fight back. Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick stops by to update us on the latest developments of the border crisis. Plus, your calls!
00:59:00 5/30/2019
Robert Mueller speaks for the first time since the special counsel investigation started two years ago. Sol Wisenberg and Joe DiGenova join Laura to provide expert legal analysis so you can understand what's really behind the Trump-Russia hoax. Plus, Steve Moore stops by to expose China's nefarious trade practices, and debunks the so-called experts' latest predictions of an impending economic recession.
01:01:00 5/29/2019
The EU elections shows once again that the populist nationalist movement has not slowed down. Nigel Farage joins Laura to discuss this historic election that defied the elites' expectations. Plus, former Greenpeace founder Dr. Patrick Moore stops by to expose the falsehoods underpinning the climate extremist movement.
01:02:00 5/28/2019

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