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The Sega Genesis Mini is Out This Month and Looks Great!

The Sega Genesis mini is out on September 19th and actually looks pretty great! For $80 you get 42 games, two controllers and a power connector. The game loadout is pretty great and included a lot of your favorites, plus some special surprises!

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What We're Playing

Vicky: Pokemon Go  

Cliff: NITW, Borderlands 3, Just Cause 4  

Dylan: IRL Cat Quest, Borderlands 3


Vinny: What big game(s) is coming out within the next couple years that the majority are super hyped for that you have little to no interest in? For me its Animal Crossing. I have only seen stuff from E3 and Nintendo Directs but I do not see the appeal.

angelgrl: Name a villain you agreed with.

itsEddie: Make a dating sim using four villains. What would be the name for a Bowser dating sim ?

OptimistPrime: What are you guys hoping to find when you storm Area 51?

Turndwn4what: What video game world would you want to live and work in? Your chosen job would have direction interaction with one of the characters. How would you imagine that interaction to play out and how would your conversation about your day with friends or family go at the end of the day.

Josh: We are always told to talk with our wallets when we support or choose not to support a game. How do you support the developers and their families on their hard work and amazing talent of wonderful games but also speak out and raise awareness to industry practices that poison the water?

Mansocks: What is your favorite horror movie?

Cheap/Free Games

Epic Store

  • Batman? 9/19

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