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The Secret to Mental Strength with Amy Morin

The Secret to mental strength is on my show now! I can't wait for you to meet @amymorinauthor who is the psychotherapist and international best-selling author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do as she gets us to focus not on adding more to our routine to become stronger, but letting go of some of our bad habits to become unstoppable.

For the next 7 days take this challenge to let go of these habits that hold you back and watch yourself skyrocket!

No longer:

1. Waste time feeling sorry for yourself.

2. Give away your power.

3. Shy away from change.

4. Squander energy on things you can't control. 

5. Worry about pleasing everyone. 

6. Fear taking risks. 

7. Dwell on the past. 

8. Repeat your mistakes.

9. Resent other people's success. 

10. Give up after your first failure.

11. Fear "alone time".

12. Feel the world owes you something.

13. Expect immediate results. 

Giving up these habits even if for just a week will build your mental muscle and let you see that anyone can become mentally strong. Which habit will you give up first?

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