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The Reilly Roundtable Episode 54 - Joker: Or How the Internet Lost Its Mind Over a Movie They Haven't Seen

Welcome to Episode 54 of #TheReillyRoundtable! This week, Reilly welcomes back his fellow Horseman John Rocha to the show! Because it's time to get a bit controversial and dig in to those Joker movie reactions coming out of the Venice Film Festival. People are offended, mad, up at arms - and they haven't yet seen it. Some are already drawing a line in the sand, a DC vs Marvel discourse, some are worried it will give violent people the wrong idea. Some are just worried whether or not Batman will appear! It's a movie that is already divisive and the movie isn't even out yet. We'll discuss that an a lot more on an all new Roundtable! #TheReillyRoundtable is now on the Collider Conversations Podcastone Feed and drops every Thursday! 

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