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The Reilly Roundtable Episode 52 - Facing the Monsters of Creativity w/ special guest Eric Bass from Shinedown

Welcome to Episode 52 of #TheReillyRoundtable! This week, Reilly welcomes in special guest Eric Bass from Shinedown! What a story - Eric contacted Reilly after he lost Kal and the two went back and forth on their love of dogs, writing and Star Wars. Now, with Eric in town filming his next music video from their latest album ATTENTION ATTENTION, Reilly welcomes him in to talk about his time in Shinedown. What it was like stepping out in front of a packed crowd for his first show? Plus personal stories of dealing with depression and anxiety, and how you quiet that voice in your head and face the monsters trying to stop you in creating art - whether it be writing lyrics, a movie or a new graphic novel. #TheReillyRoundtable is now on the Collider Conversations Podcastone Feed and drops every Thursday

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