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The Reilly Roundtable - Infinity War or Endgame, Which Was More Satisfying - w/ Special Guest Bricky

Welcome to Episode 46 of The Reilly Roundtable! This week, Reilly welcomes in his actual nephew Taylor Christiansen AKA Brick AKA Bricky, to the show! Taylor grew up with Reilly talking Star Wars as a wee one, and then graduated to YouTube where he now runs his own successful YouTube channel with over 560 thousand subscribers. We go through his beginnings, his favorite games, and then into a deep conversation about Infinity War and Endgame asking what is the more satisfying movie. #TheReillyRoundtable is now on the Collider Conversations Podcastone Feed and drops every Thursday!

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01:08:31 5/30/2019

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'Raise Hell: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins' director Janice Engel is the guest this week on The Deep Cut with John Rocha. Rocha and Janice discuss the mercurial, brilliant, and incredible voice that political columnist possessed. They take a look at Ivins' life and what made her such a unique voice in the political world. They also explore Engel's motivation to make this documentary and why she feels this is the right time for it to be released. Engel also reveals what she and the production team overcame to make the film, how they got the funding and what kept her going over these last 8 years. Rocha and Engel also dive deep into some of Molly Ivins most notable quotes about politicians from both sides of the aisle. They also look at how Ivins serves as an essential symbol for speaking truth to power that is woven into the very fabric of America. This episode of The Deep Cut will make you laugh, think and just might motivate you to get involved in your world. Don't forget to Like and Share this video on your social media channels and Subscribe to this podcast feed. To get tickets for Raise Hell: A Molly Ivins Story, CLICK HERE: Follow Rocha:
01:00:00 9/13/2019

If you're looking for something on the cutting edge of audio entertainment, check out the new series, "We're Alive: Goldrush." It's an end-of-the-world comedy adventure to recover a billion dollars in gold in the middle of the apocalypse. Travel across the wastelands with high-speed chase scenes, battles against the infected, horrors, heroics, love triangles and, of course, GOLD, in this 10-part epic featuring Danny Trejo and our very own Kaitlyn Bristowe!

Subscribe and listen to the audio drama that started it all, as you're transported into the Theater for the Mind with "We're Alive: Goldrush." From Wayland Productions and PodcastOne, the full first episode is also available now on Apple Podcasts and

00:01:08 9/13/2019

Welcome to Episode 55 of #TheReillyRoundtable! This week, Reilly welcomes in his good friend, writer/director Nick Simon! Nick and Reilly go way, way back to 2002 where the two met at Star Wars Celebrations, after Nick called Reilly and his Star Wars in 30 Minutes buddies a bunch of nerds. From there, the friendship grew and so did Nick's career. He made a number of independent horror movies before meeting Wes Craven, who helped with his The Girl in the Photographs movie. This led to more work as well as his biggest to date - a choose your own adventure style Haunted House movie at Amblin Entertainment with Crawl's Alexandre Aja attached to direct! We talk all his projects, plus some Star Wars and a lot more! #TheReillyRoundtable is now on the Collider Conversations Podcastone Feed and drops every Thursday!

01:05:25 9/12/2019
Executive producer Peter Gentile calls into The Deep Cut with John Rocha to talk about his new documentary, "You Are Here: A Come From Away Story". It's an intimate feature film that goes deep into the community of Gander, Newfoundland where 38 airliners carrying over 6,500 passengers were forced to land after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. The film pulls back the emotional layers surrounding the five days during which the community housed, fed and cared for the dislocated passengers. While their stories inspired an extraordinary Broadway hit musical, Come From Away, the documentary, You Are Here, offers first-hand accounts of the great kindnesses and energetic resourcefulness the community showed their unexpected guests. Rocha and Peter Gentile explore what the experience was like for Peter to open up the wounds of 9/11 in order to tell this incredible and heartwarming story of humanity's kindness in the face of such evil. They also discuss documentary filmmaking and the unique obstacles this film posed for the residents, survivors, and crew as they revisited this story. This is an episode of The Deep Cut that you don't want to miss! Like and Share this video on your social media channels and Subscribe to this podcast feed. To get tickets for the Fathom Events one night only screening of the film on 9/11, CLICK HERE: Follow Rocha:
00:55:00 9/6/2019

Welcome to Episode 54 of #TheReillyRoundtable! This week, Reilly welcomes back his fellow Horseman John Rocha to the show! Because it's time to get a bit controversial and dig in to those Joker movie reactions coming out of the Venice Film Festival. People are offended, mad, up at arms - and they haven't yet seen it. Some are already drawing a line in the sand, a DC vs Marvel discourse, some are worried it will give violent people the wrong idea. Some are just worried whether or not Batman will appear! It's a movie that is already divisive and the movie isn't even out yet. We'll discuss that an a lot more on an all new Roundtable! #TheReillyRoundtable is now on the Collider Conversations Podcastone Feed and drops every Thursday! 

00:59:51 9/5/2019

This week on The Deep Cut, John Rocha welcomes noted actress Amanda Crew on to the show to discuss her career, how she's dealing with the end of Silicon Valley and her new horror/thriller Tone Deaf costarring Robert Patrick. Rocha and Amanda discuss her personal journey from a young child falling into the career of acting, what she has discovered about herself on this journey and what her recent inner journey has helped her grow as a person and an actress. She also goes in depth about the roles that attract her and what she's looking to accomplish in the next phase of her career. Amanda also opens up about her experience being on Silicon Valley and if the imminent end of the show has sunk in for her yet. She also reveals why she took on the role of Clair in 'Tone Deaf' and her experiences working with Robert Patrick. It's a fun, relaxed and open conversation about one of the best actresses working today on TV and film.For more on Tone Deaf including the trailer and showtimes, click here: Rocha:

01:00:54 8/30/2019
Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz, the two incredible writers and directors of The Peanut Butter Falcon, stop by The Deep Cut with John Rocha today to talk about their film that is generating a lot of awards buzz this summer. They talk about how the film came about, the struggles they endured to make it happen and what it was like working with Shia LaBeouf, Dakota Johnson, Thomas Haden Church and the breakout star of the movie, Zack Gottsagen. They also talk about how pro wrestlers Jake the Snake Roberts and Mick Foley got involved in the movie. Rocha also walks thru Nilson and Schwartz's personal lives to explore how they both took their winding roads to find each other as friends and collaborators. The guys have a lot of fun on this one, bust a lot of balls and even have a sharp word or two in jest with each other. This is an episode of The Deep Cut that you don't want to miss! Remember to Like and Share this video and Subscribe to this podcast feed. Also, go see The Peanut Butter Falcon playing in theaters now! Follow Rocha: Follow Tyler Nilson: Follow The PB Falcon:
01:09:00 8/27/2019
I walked away from the Sundance screening appreciating Before You Know It mostly for its fun and charm, but after a second viewing, I was even more impressed by how strong the film's dramatic beats are. It's a crowd-pleaser with depth that serves as a super effective coming-of-age story in a variety of respects. I was lucky to enough catch up with writer-director-star Hannah Pearl Utt, writer-star Jen Tullock, and their co-stars Judith Light and Mike Colter in Park City earlier this year, but I was especially eager for a longer chat with Utt and Tullock to discuss their extensive collaboration, their lengthy journey with this particular project, have them answer some "Collider Random Questions," and so much more. Check it all out in this video! Before You Know It hits select theaters on August 30th.
00:38:00 8/27/2019

This week on The Deep Cut, John Rocha welcomes Academy Award nominated and Emmy Award winning directors Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert to discuss their latest documentary 'American Factory'. A Netflix Original Documentary presented by Higher Ground Productions and Participant Media. The acclaimed film takes a deep dive into a post-industrial Ohio, where a Chinese billionaire opens a new factory in the husk of an abandoned General Motors plant and hires two thousand blue-collar Americans still recovering from the effects of the 2008 recession. Steven and Julia discuss the story behind making this documentary, how they found themselves on the project, and the nearly unlimited access they had to both the American workers and executives and the Chinese workers and executives. They also discuss what their thoughts are on the state of the American factory worker and the state of the working class in general after shooting this documentary.For more on the movie click here: Rocha:

01:03:52 8/23/2019

Welcome to Episode 53 of #TheReillyRoundtable! This week, Reilly welcomes in a returning "favorite person" to the show - Dorina Arellano! That's right, Reilly and Dorina get together to discuss.... DEATH. The Big D, the thing we dread. We bring up our love of horror movies as to why we might be attracted to the idea of the great beyond, which leads to a deeper and more meaningful conversation on the struggles we as a human race experience daily - and ask that you be nice, cause we're all going to die one day. #TheReillyRoundtable is now on the Collider Conversations Podcastone Feed and drops every Thursday! 

01:01:04 8/22/2019

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