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The Epic Game Store and Gamer Harassment

Gamers are harassing the creators of Ooblets to the tune "tens of thousands of messages" because they decided to go exclusive on the Epic Game Store. Don't do that, it sucks. Somehow the release of the Commander Lilith convinced two millions people to buy Borderlands 2. Meanwhile, over 100 millions kids are playing Roblox even though there are a lot of better games available. The Now Man's Sky: Beyond update is coming out next week and the Cataclysm patch for Anthem is now available.


Vinny: What single player game would you like to see turned into a co-op/multiplayer game?

Eddie: Which mascots would make for great daytime talk shows ? Instead of Maury we get Wario.

AngelGrl: Choices must be made.

JoeColeslaw: With the next generation of consoles coming out next year makes think about the major jump from one generation to the next over the years. What other industry besides video games have been making steady upgrades every 8 to 10 years?

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