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The Deep Cut- Ken Napzok on His New Star Wars Book, Getting Beat Up and Reappreciating the Franchise

On this episode of The Deep Cut, host John Rocha welcomes Star Wars pundit, Schmoedown announcer and now....AUTHOR Ken Napzok to talk about his new book,

Why We Love Star Wars: The Great Moments That Built A Galaxy Far, Far Away. Ken talks about what motivated his love of Star Wars and what motivated him to write the book. He goes into what he learned about his much beloved franchise while writing the book and what characters he learned to reappreciate as he went along in the process. Rocha and Napzok also revisit his youth to see where the genesis of his love of Star Wars was born and how that shaped his life....after he stopped getting beat up for it! It's a fun, engaging, and wide open conversation between two friends about the greatest space opera franchise ever and the extensive book of essays it inspired from Ken Napzok. To buy this book, click on this link:

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