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The Deep Cut - Director Janice Engel Talks Molly Ivins and Why It's the Right Time to 'Raise Hell'

'Raise Hell: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins' director Janice Engel is the guest this week on The Deep Cut with John Rocha. Rocha and Janice discuss the mercurial, brilliant, and incredible voice that political columnist possessed. They take a look at Ivins' life and what made her such a unique voice in the political world. They also explore Engel's motivation to make this documentary and why she feels this is the right time for it to be released. Engel also reveals what she and the production team overcame to make the film, how they got the funding and what kept her going over these last 8 years. Rocha and Engel also dive deep into some of Molly Ivins most notable quotes about politicians from both sides of the aisle. They also look at how Ivins serves as an essential symbol for speaking truth to power that is woven into the very fabric of America. This episode of The Deep Cut will make you laugh, think and just might motivate you to get involved in your world. Don't forget to Like and Share this video on your social media channels and Subscribe to this podcast feed. To get tickets for Raise Hell: A Molly Ivins Story, CLICK HERE: Follow Rocha:

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