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The Crafty Rogues: Speaking of attractive I'm John Cosgrove (ep. 147)

The boys return for another hour of craic and football talk in this week's Crafty Rogues as they discuss the US Women putting up 13 in a match, the England men losing in the Semi Finals (again), and the US Men getting played off the park by Venezuela. Also along the way in this episode John Cosgrove and Stephen Quinn discuss maybe the best opening to the show ever, Minnesota United's loss at the weekend, the upcoming Gold Cup, and the Euro Qualifying taking place this last weekend. Later in the show the guys answer your letters, John has his world famous Just Be Cos segment, and Producer Jonathan hops in for his Big Football Update. To wrap up this edition of The Crafty Rogues the guys discuss the Women's World Cup slogan, the Cricket World Cup, and get an AFL Update.

SKOR North United
00:59:00 6/11/2019

Past Episodes

John Cosgrove and Stephen Quinn, the Crafty Rogues, are here again to discuss all things football over a pint and have some fun while they're at it. This week we open up the show with the boys catching up on each others football playing exploits before jumping into the week that was for Minnesota United and the USMNT. There was a whole lot of International matches played over the week for the boys to dissect before John gives his predictions for the upcoming round of Premier League matches. The boys answer all the letters and emails you sent in before John gets something off his chest in his Just Be Cos segment. Producer Jonathan hops in for his Big Football Update. We wrap the show running through the action so far in the lower leagues.
00:55:00 9/10/2019
We're back and live this week with the Manager of Minnesota United Adrian Heath as we discuss his teams massive victory over LAFC. Jamie Watson and Adrian Heath also preview the Houston & RSL matches as well as discuss what it means to have two of his younger players, Hasani Dotson and Mason Toye, be called up to the U-23's.
00:51:00 9/10/2019
The boys are back after an epic weekend, for one of them anyways, to discuss the Premier League, an exciting win for the Loons, and the upcoming International Break. John Cosgrove and Stephen Quinn joined back up at Brit's Pub this week and opened proceedings talking about the massive 2-0 win by the Loons over LAFC. A breakdown of the weekend's action in the Premier League takes place before we quickly talk about the upcoming International Break. The boys answer your questions and John get's something off his chest in his Just Be Cos segment. Producer Jonathan pops in for his Big Football Update before the boys close the show discussing the Champions League Group Draw.
00:51:00 9/3/2019
We figured to properly discuss one of the biggest matches in club history we had get numerous soccer minds to talk about it so in this edition of The Adrian Heath Show we've got a couple special guests talking about the US Open Cup Final. In our opening segment today it's the manager who lead the club to the final, Adrian Heath, talking with Jamie Watson about the game, that big lineup decision, and what the cup run meant to him. Following that Callum Williams popped in for 20 minutes to talk with Jonathan Harrison about his thoughts on the match, the run, and what this means to the club going forward. To close the show we got the guys from The Crafty Rogues to give their thoughts on the match.
00:48:00 9/3/2019
The boys are back with another packed edition of The Crafty Rogues as they discuss everything from the US Open Cup Finals to the sad situation regarding Bury. We open today's episode a bit differently as we start discussing cricket, basketball, and gaelic before we get to the football. Once we finally arrive at the football we open it up discussing Minnesota United's 2-1 loss in the US Open Cup Final. After that we move onto reviewing the latest round of EFL Cup and Premier League play. John then gives his predictions for the upcoming round of Premier League play, answers your emails, and get's something off his chest in his Just Be Cos segment. Producer Jonathan hops in for his Big Football Update. We close today's show talking about the sad demise of Bury FC and Bolton just barely escaping the same fate.
01:01:00 8/28/2019

John Cosgrove returns from a week back home just in time to record the 157th edition of The Crafty Rogues! On this week's episode Cosgrove and Quinno discuss Minnesota United's massive week coming up, the Premier League, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We open diving into the four points Minnesota gathered this last week and their upcoming week that features a chance to get their first ever trophy. The boys then discuss the weekend's action in the Premier League before John gives his prediction for the upcoming round of matches. Questions are answered as the boys read your letters. Cosgrove has something to say in Just Be Cos. Producer Jonathan pops in for his Big Football Update. Quinno has the best of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Lastly, an AFL and Cricket update to close out the show.

John's Premier League Predictions

Aston Villa 2-2 Everton

Norwich 1-2 Chelsea

Brighton 1-1 Southampton

Manchester United 4-0 Crystal Palace

Sheffield United 0-0 Leicester

Watford 2-1 West Ham

Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal

Bournemouth 0-4 Manchester City

Tottenham 5-1 Newcastle

Wolves 2-2 Burnley

00:58:00 8/20/2019
Fresh off meeting his newest player Adrian Heath returns to discuss the past weeks' four points earned as his Minnesota United squad got a win over Colorado and a draw against Orlando. Jamie Watson and Adrian Heath break down those two matches, preview the upcoming Sporting KC match as well the US Open Cup Final, and Rate Cal's Call in this week's edition of The Adrian Heath Show.
00:48:00 8/18/2019

With John back home for the week we're joined by former Minnesota United manager Carl Craig as he helps us with our Premier League Preview. Before we get to the Premier League action we discuss United's 5-3 loss at Dallas and their 2-1 win in the US Open Cup Semi Final. After the Minnesota United talk Carl and Stephen discuss the opening weekend of the Premier League and their thoughts on Liverpool's dominating win, City looking scary great, and United's fresh looking win over Chelsea among the scores. We then get Carl's predictions for the upcoming weekend's games. Carl and Stephen then preview the 2019-20 season of the Premier League in a team-by-team look and Carl gives his predictions for winne, top six, surprise, disappointment, Golden Boot, relegated, and promoted.

Carl's Predictions

Arsenal 2-0 Burnley

Aston Villa 1-1 Bournemouth

Brighton 2-1 West Ham

Everton 3-1 Watford

Norwich 2-2 Newcastle

Southampton 1-3 Liverpool

Man City 2-1 Tottenham

Sheffield 2-2 Crystal Palace

Chelsea 1-2 Leicester

Wolves 3-2 Man United

01:16:00 8/13/2019
Adrian Heath returns alongside Jamie Watson to discuss a big week for Minnesota United. We open discussing the disappointing loss to FC Dallas and Adrian's thoughts about the Mason Toye incident. We then talk about all the moves at the Transfer Deadline, the two big wins over Portland , and what it means to make it to the US Open Cup Final. We close the show previewing the pair of games coming up against Colorado and Orlando as well as Rating Cal's Call.
00:53:00 8/11/2019
With Deadline Day approaching AND the Premier League opener just days away the boys get together a day earlier than normal to discuss all that happened in soccer over the weekend and we get our first Premier League predictions from Cosgrove. Quinno and Cosgrove open the show discussing Minnesota United's late game winner over Portland before discussing the weekend's action in the Championship. Cosgrove gives his first Premier League predictions of the season. The boys answer your letters, John gets something off his chest in Just Be Cos, and Producer Jonathan pops in for his Big Football Update. To close this weeks show Cosgrove gives his predictions for Champion, Top Six, and who will be relegated this year in the Premier League. John's Premier League Predictions Liverpool 2-0 Norwich West Ham 0-1 Manchester City Bournemouth 1-1 Sheffield United Burnley 0-0 Southampton Crystal Palace 0-2 Everton Watford 1-0 Brighton Tottenham 2-2 Aston Villa Leicester 2-1 Wolves Newcastle 1-2 Arsenal Manchester United 0-0 Chelsea
00:56:00 8/4/2019

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