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The Adrian Heath Show: Adrian's thoughts on New England result and a look ahead

Minnesota United Manager Adrian Heath and TV Sideline reporter Jamie Watson discuss the Loons' 2-1 loss to New England at the weekend as well as take a look ahead at games to come.

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00:00:00 3/31/2019

Past Episodes

Adrian Heath returns with Jamie Watson this week to talk about the win over Columbus, previewing the Houston match, and Rating Cal's Call.
00:50:00 5/20/2019
The boys are back with a full showing for the first time in a couple weeks and it's time to discuss yet another ending to a Premier League season. The boys catch up after a couple weeks apart before they jump right into the Premier League review. The boys discuss the fitting end to one of the closest Premier League title races in recent memory as well as Manchester United falling on their face and John falling out of love with Arsenal. We also look ahead to the FA Cup Final, Champions and Europa League Finals and what it means that Europe is being dominated by the English clubs. The boys then answer your letters. Jon Cosgrove gets something off his chest in Just Be Cos. Producer Jonathan hops in for his Big Football Update. We close the show discussing the lower leagues and the AFL.
00:48:00 5/14/2019
Minnesota United Manager Adrian Heath is back for this week's show to discuss the 2-0 loss to Chicago, the Premier League finishing for the season, and a preview of the upcoming Columbus Crew match.
00:48:00 5/12/2019
Quinno is still out of town, he'll be back next week, so instead of getting two guys to fill his shoes we just got one and it's a big one, the Carl Craig! Boy oh boy was there plenty to talk about with that thrilling Liverpool comeback against Barcelona just hours before taping as well as the Premier League coming down to the absolute final day. The boys discuss that as well as Minnesota United's 1-1 draw at the weekend with Seattle. Carl made his predictions for some of the scores at the weekend, congrats Man City. The boys then answered your letters before Jonathan popped in for his Big Football Update. We wrapped the show today discussing the promotions and relegations in the lower leagues.
00:54:00 5/7/2019
Adrian Heath and Jamie Watson return today to discuss the Loons' draw with Seattle and what the match meant for Ozzie Alonso. They also discuss the big midweek trade of former captain Francisco Calvo.
00:45:00 5/5/2019
It's hit summer time on the Crafty Rogues and that means we're back to the Tuesday recording day just in time for the last two weeks of the Premier League season. Quinno is out today for business purposes so Cosgrove is driving the bus with a couple passengers along for the ride in Teague Orgeman of Starting 11 and Andrew from Golden Valley. Cosgrove and Teague chat about how Teague's company has been doing, the last round of Premier League action, and the Tottenham/Ajax match. Due to issues it would cause from the UK Gambling Commision Andrew from Golden Valley does the Premier League predictions. Teague hops back in to answer your questions. Producer Jonathan gives his Big Football Update before Andrew from Golden Valley helps close the show with a discussion about the lower leagues.
01:01:00 4/30/2019
Adrian Heath returns for another week of The Adrian Heath show and this time Jamie Watson is back to host and talk about Minnesota United's 0-0 draw against the LA Galaxy and their 1-0 win over DC United to get their first home win at Allianz Field.
00:48:00 4/28/2019
The boys return after a night of watching Zlatan in person at Allianz Field. The guys have their reviews of the 4-3 loss by Minnesota United in Toronto and the 0-0 draw last night against the Galaxy. After that Cosgrove and Quinno discuss the weekend's Premier League action before John gives his predictions on the upcoming round of matches in the Premier League and the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals. The boys then answer your questions before John gets something off his chest in Just Be Cos. Producer Jonathan pops in for his Big Football Update. We close the show today dusting off an old segment we like to call What do you think?
01:00:00 4/24/2019
Minnesota United Manager Adrian Heath popped in the studio ahead of a busy week for his Loons to discuss the teams disappointing 4-3 loss to Toronto last Friday. Adrian also previewed the two upcoming set of matches against the Galaxy on Wednesday and DC United on Sunday.
00:47:00 4/22/2019

What an absolute stunning week of football. From 3-3 at Allianz Field to City/Spurs it's been a joy to watch the beautiful game this week and the boys are back to discuss it all.

John Cosgrove and Stephen Quinn open today's show discussing the Grand Opening of Allianz Field and the 3-3 draw between Minnesota United & NYCFC. They then continue the talk about the breathtaking football by moving onto the Champions League and that City/Spurs match that may just be one of the greatest games ever played. A review of the weekend's Premier League action and predictions for the upcoming weekends games follows.

The boys then answer your letters. John shares his opinion on a topic of his choice in Just Be Cos. Producer Jonathan hops in for his Big Football Update. We end the show with a return Your Choice.

John's Premier League Predictions

  • Manchester City 1-0 Tottenham
  • Bournemouth 1-1 Fulham
  • Huddersfield 0-0 Watford
  • West Ham 1-1 Leicester
  • Wolves 1-0 Brighton
  • Newcastle 2-0 Southampton
  • Everton 1-2 Manchester United
  • Arsenal 4-1 Crystal Palace
  • Cardiff 1-1 Liverpool
  • Chelsea 2-0 Burnley
  • Tottenham 3-1 Brighton
  • Watford 1-1 Southampton
  • Manchester United 0-1 Manchester City
  • Wolves 1-1 Arsenal
01:02:00 4/17/2019

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