Pardon My Take

TJ Lang And The Detroit Lions Offensive Line

Special Tuesday edition of Pardon My Take, Grit Week recap and missing Vanny Woodhead (1:59 - 6:12). Stanley Cup Final talk (6:12 - 10:27). The Tiger Woods Who's Back of the Week specifically meant for Tiger Woods and his DUI arrest (10:27 - 20:39). TJ Lang, Graham Glasgow and Travis Swanson join the show to talk about playing for the Lions, Coach Caldwell Dead or Alive, and how funny Aaron Rodgers actually is (20:39 - 45:37). Segments include Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelo, PR 101 for Bryce Harper getting into a fight, Respect the Biz, Explain it to Kevin Love and Finals predictions, and Drunk Ideas.

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