That's Awesome with Steve Burton & Bradford Anderson


We talk to EMMA SAMMS (Holly, GH/Fallon, Dynasty) about the upcoming DYNASTY REUNION! We also learn about her start, her road to GH and Dynasty, as well as learning more about her ongoing experience with Long-Haul COVID, and her efforts to help support research and treatments. This Episode of That's Awesome Is Brought To You By: MAGIC SPOON Enjoy the delight of sweet breakfast cereal without any of the junk! Go to to grab the new limited edition Cookies & Cream, Maple Waffle, or a custom bundle of cereal to try it today. Get $5 OFF with code "THATSAWESOME"! GEICO GEICO makes it easy to bundle your homeowners or renters insurance, along with your auto policy. It's GEICO easy! Visit today! and PLUTO TV! Watch 100s of Channels and 1000s of Movies Free! Drop in. It's free. PLUTO.TV For Everything Steve and Bradford visit:

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