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Joining Jep and Jess this week is actor and Austin, TX native Jared Padalecki (SUPERNATURAL, GILMORE GIRLS) as Jared shares the story of the social media whirlwind that brought them all together. Jared plays a round of Silly & Annoying and tells tales of growing up in San Antonio, living in Los Angeles, some of the coolest (and unexpected) fan tattoos he's seen and how he and his wife fell in love with Austin, TX.

59:00 7/19/2017

Past Episodes

On the show this week, Jep is joined by cousin Gimber and good friend Anson for a manly discussion about manly things! Be here for Jep's love of martial arts movies, favorite stuntmen, extreme sports acts, Shark Week, the greatness of Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds, pro wrestlers of years past and tattoo options.
58:00 10/11/2017
Jep and his cousin Jon talk about the debut of Jep's new food truck - Jep's Southern Roots - and get into all of the preparations and inspirations that have gone into the Cajun style of cuisine that Jep and Jess will be bringing to the folks of Austin. All this plus how to properly fry shrimp, water safety and stories of growing up in Louisiana.
59:00 10/4/2017
Jep and Jess make it official as they are now officially citizens of Austin, Texas. Joined by their friend and Austin native Emily, the couple discusses their reasons behind moving away from Louisiana, what some of their culinary ambitions are, potentially dealing with scorpions and much more.
52:00 9/27/2017
Singer and Austin native Josh Abbott joins Jep and Jess in studio for a chat about his origins and influences in country music, dropping out of grad school to follow his music aspirations, life on the road, strange fan interactions, what its like to be a new parent and later, Josh performs a few songs live in-studio!
01:11:00 9/20/2017
This week, Jep - still solo - is joined his good friend Blake. Blake is a doctor and a hunting enthusiast with a long history of friendship with Jep. Listen in as Jep and Blake chat about medical maladies, sleeping in a deer blind, cars, Silly & Annoying and much more!
01:05:00 9/13/2017
Joining Jep in studio this week is the oft-requested Uncle Si as well as family friend Phil McMillan as the boys discuss skunk battles, lucky deer shots, Si's country music career, causing traffic jams, their favorite DUCK DYNASTY eps, Si's aversion to cell phones and poker stories. This one has it all!
01:07:00 9/6/2017
This week, Jep and Jess discuss a possible move from West Monroe, Louisiana to Austin, Texas, looking back at the friends and family they would miss in Louisiana as well as all of the advantages and conveniences in both towns. Also, Jess puts over the best donuts in Monroe, Jep shares his love for the Zac Brown Band and its the return of Silly or Annoying!
01:01:00 8/30/2017
On this week's podcast, Jep and Jess welcome their good friend Jolie from HGTV's JUNK GYPSIES for a chat about all sorts of fun stuff including winter vacations, how DUCK DYNASTY helped influence JUNK GYPSIES and reality television, taking baths in a pond, old-time sayings, Antique Week and SHARKNADO!
01:07:00 8/23/2017
This week, Jep and Jess are joined by their good friends, Jason and Lynsey from Yonder Way Farms in Fayetteville, TX. Jason and Lynsey share their passion for farming and helping foster positive eating habits through organic food. We've also got discussion about how to handle chicken predators, tough cats, junebugs and eyepatch etiquette!
01:05:00 8/16/2017
Jess's good friend Sandy joins Jep and Jess on the podcast this week to discuss fitness tips and strategies that you may or may not be aware of. Learn about Tabata workouts, the best oils to cook with, new protein sources, milk and what supplements could work for you!
01:04:00 8/9/2017

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