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Joining Jep and Jess this week is actor and Austin, TX native Jared Padalecki (SUPERNATURAL, GILMORE GIRLS) as Jared shares the story of the social media whirlwind that brought them all together. Jared plays a round of Silly & Annoying and tells tales of growing up in San Antonio, living in Los Angeles, some of the coolest (and unexpected) fan tattoos he's seen and how he and his wife fell in love with Austin, TX.

59:00 7/19/2017

Past Episodes

This week, Jep and Jess are joined by their good friends, Jason and Lynsey from Yonder Way Farms in Fayetteville, TX. Jason and Lynsey share their passion for farming and helping foster positive eating habits through organic food. We've also got discussion about how to handle chicken predators, tough cats, junebugs and eyepatch etiquette!
01:05:00 8/16/2017
Jess's good friend Sandy joins Jep and Jess on the podcast this week to discuss fitness tips and strategies that you may or may not be aware of. Learn about Tabata workouts, the best oils to cook with, new protein sources, milk and what supplements could work for you!
01:04:00 8/9/2017
This week with Jess out of the studio, its Jep and his good friend Trey bringing the podcast goods. The guys talk about why you should fear ticks, close encounters with sharks, Trey's gas problem, Uncle Si's country music career and their favorite comedies.
01:06:00 8/2/2017
With Jep out, Jess and Miss Kay get together for stories about what the Robertson boys were like as kids, Phil and Miss Kay going on fishing dates, Uncle Si sleepwalking in his underwear, Jep's favorite toy and which of the boys is the sneakiest.
01:03:00 7/26/2017
Jep and Jess are in Austin this week and they are joined by Jess's BFF, Darbie Angell. Darbie shares the secrets of her entrepreneurial spirit which led her to create her own unique brand of dinnerware that is sold in department stores across the country. Also, Jep's defense of Uggs boots, love for THE WALKING DEAD on AMC and a round of Silly or Annoying!
01:02:00 7/12/2017
Lisa Robertson, wife of Al Robertson, joins Jep and Jess this week for stories about growing up in Louisiana, meeting and then marrying Al, accidentally starting a grease fire in her mother's kitchen, advice for motherhood and her secret to the best white beans Jep has ever had. Also, Lisa plays a round of Silly and Annoying!
01:05:00 7/5/2017
Joining Jep and Jess this week is Justin Martin of Duck Commander (or just Martin) for a round of Silly & Annoying, memories of high school sports, behind the scenes tales from DUCK DYNASTY and Uncle Si's singing career.
57:00 6/28/2017
Jep and Jess are joined this week by Jess's mom Kathy for a round of Silly & Annoying including what might be the most annoying thing about Jep. Also, more alligators in the bathtub, Jep's classic man crush and lots of calls from all over the country.
54:00 6/21/2017
Jess is back in the mix this week as her and Jep welcome their neighbor and good friend Kylie from Minnesota to the podcast and get the lowdown about the Land of 1000 Lakes. Also, lots of phone calls this episode, discussing summer plans, beekeeping and Jess's dieting tips!
01:01:00 6/14/2017
Miss Kay returns to the podcast this week to fill in for Jess, chatting with Jep about the difficult times in her marriage to Phil and how faith got them through. Also we learn where Jep got his sense of humor from as well as the best food dishes offered up by the Robertson family!
57:00 6/7/2017

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