Story U Talk Radio with Coach Debby

Story U Talk Radio 04 - 18 - 19 From Employee To Entrepreneur

THIS IS YOUR YEAR TO WRITE YOUR BOOK! Get started now Last year is gone, and next year is far off. But THIS year is still young! THIS is the year to write your book. Begin the accelerator course today.... And hold your completed manuscript in your hand by the end of summer. Oh, yes you can! Think of all the authors who've touched you. Think of your favorite. What if their book had never been written? You'd be someone else. You would! Their book had an effect on you. And YOUR book will have an effect on YOUR readers. And what you might not know is that you already have readers. They are curious about your story ? your trials, triumphs, and transformation. They are waiting to be touched... by you. That's right. And that's why this is the year to write your book.

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