Spotlight with Gary Shipe

Spotlight With Gary Shipe From Crime to the Classroom

This week we'll hear the inspiring words of Omari Amili. Omari is an author, community leader, and a speaker for Humanities Washington. He leads workshops and has developed curriculum to lead those being released from prison for their re-entry to society. Omari speaks with first-hand knowledge on the subject. He relates his own story of a troubled childhood, dropping out of school, running street scams and eventually getting 30 felony convictions and sent to prison. Upon his release and finding only dead end jobs in his future, he dedicated himself to higher education. Our short visit with him barely touches the surface of the talks he gives for Humanities Washington on the subject "From Crime to the Classroom: How Education Changes Lives." Learn more about Omari Amili on his website and learn more about Humanities Washington online at

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