City vs. Country

Shed Happens - So What Happened Next?

On Friday, we met Vanessa from Kent: a receptionist at an insurance company who came on the show to choose between City Boy Thomas from Redmond and Country Boy Carl from Shelton. Thomas thought he had this one all wrapped up because he had passes to Watershed and a room at the winery next store to the Gorge. But it turns out Carl also had Watershed passes with plans to camp out in General Camping. In the end, Vanessa chose Country Boy Carl and Camping. We actually did see them for a bit on Saturday when they stopped by the Bull Tent at Watershed. She was looking a little crispy so we gave her some BS (Bull Sunscreen). They called in this morning to give us an update on how the weekend progressed. What was it like sharing a tent with a stranger? Did they see any shows? And how did Vanessa get some aloe on that epic sunburn?

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