Season 1 Episodes 14 & 15 'When They Cry' Review

Hosts Kari Lane, Veronica Valencia and Ollie Drennan discuss the Akasaka arc and how Rika is definitely more than she appears. We learn more about the village of Hinamizawa prior to the murders and Rika seemed to know all about them.... Anime Expo was last weekend and our hosts breakdown their highlights! Crunchyroll HQ was super fun and will be at Comic-Con, there were many panels and groups promoting inclusion, and Veronica gives her review of the new Tokyo Ghoul movie and the premiere of s4 of 'My Hero Academia'!  Join hosts Kari Lane, Veronica Valencia, Jaimi Gray and Ollie Drennan as they review and discuss the best of Anime out there! There will be special voice actor guests almost every week, and plot discussion for days! Be sure to rate and subscribe to enjoy the anime breakdowns and stay up to date on all things Madoka Magica!

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