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Searching For Justice: The Ryan Waller Story

The Ryan Waller interrogation has become well know on the internet for the unbelievable fact that Ryan is interrogated after having been shot in the head twice. There are are some details of the case that inaccurate, so I interviewed Ryan's father, Don Waller in order to do a follow up. In doing that, I realized that there was a lot more to this story than anybody really knew. We also discovered that this was not the first time that Detective Paul Dalton has gotten tunnel vision on the wrong person and lied in order to close a case. The United States Department of Justice is asking people to contact them if you have information about an interaction with the Phoenix PD. They're looking for civil rights violations and police misconduct. They can be reached by Email at: or by phone at 866-432-0335. For more stories of the worst people on earth, visit our YouTube Channel: You can check out our new merch on TeeSpring! To support the show, donate a few bucks through Buy Me A Coffee: You can find more information about ways to support us plus contact info at our website:

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